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Updated by Cameron Collins on Nov 08, 2018
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Curated Lesson Resources

Note Identification

This is a website with great exercises for practicing note recognition. I chose this resource because it is great hands on practice for recognizing note names.

How to read music - Tim Hansen

This is a video that describes how to read music, why musicians read music, and many other basics. I chose this video because it is a great introduction to reading music, and it is also very visual. It will be very helpful for the visual learners.


The Treble Clef

The Treble Clef

This is an image that shows the classic mnemonic for remembering the lines and spaces of the treble clef. I chose this image because it will be good for students to know this mnemonic, and it will greatly help them in remembering the lines and spaces.


Note Names Crossword

Note Names Crossword

This is a great activity that students could work on in a group. I chose this because it will be fun for the students to read notes in a different way, like spelling out words with them.

Flashcards Note Names | Quizlet

This is a a set of flashcards that includes note names. I chose this resource because it will be good for students to get some extra practice with reading note names.

Classics For Kids

This is a game where students recognize note names to make a word. I chose this website because it is visual and will help students have more fun learning how to read notes.

How To Read Music - Staff - Lesson #1

This is a video that goes more in depth about reading music on the treble clef staff. I chose this video because it goes very slow paced, and can really help the students who might be struggling.

Kahoot Note Reading

This is a Kahoot note reading quiz/game. I think students will have a fun time doing this game, and this will be a great whole class activity.


Staff Paper

Staff Paper

I chose to give students some staff paper and give them an activity. They will have to come up with some words that they can make using notes on the treble clef. I chose this activity because it will be good for them to come up with their own words and physically practice writing the notes.


Keyboard/Treble Clef

Keyboard/Treble Clef

This is a picture of notes on the treble clef and where they correspond on the keyboard. I chose this picture because it is important for students to be able to visualize where notes are on the keyboard as well as recognizing them.