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Curated Lesson Resources Greek Theatre

Description: Encyclopedia article talks about the origins of Greek tragedies and the comedies. The website also includes a visual timeline of when Greek plays were produced.

Rationale: I chose this mainly for the timeline. It allows students to interact a little bit with the timeline and see how close these plays are to each other being performed.

BBC Bitesize - What do we know about ancient Greek culture?

Description: The article is a brief summary of Greek culture, discussing their architecture, pottery, and festivals.

Rationale: The article is a quick and easy read. Students can read this to gain background information on Greek culture.

Ancient Greek Playwrights - The Randolph College Greek Play

Description: The website describes four of the major Greek playwrights. It summarizes their lives and their works.

Rationale: Students will need to know about the major playwrights and their work. This article is short and grade level appropriate.

The Tragedies and Comedies of Ancient Greek Theatre | USC Library Science Degree Online

Description: The article discusses the three genres of Greek plays: tragedy, comedy, and satyr.

Rationale: The reading is grade level appropriate for high schoolers. This gives information about the genres of Greek theatre, providing a ground work for the genres we know today.

Ancient Greece for Kids: Drama and Theater

Description: Kids learn about the drama and theater of Ancient Greece including tragedies, comedies, costumes, masks, actors, special effects, famous playwrights, and fun facts.

Rationale: There is an option to listen to the article, so it includes an audio aspect. There is also a quiz about the article students can take.

Which Greek God Are You?

Description: Personality quiz to find out which Greek god you are most like

Rationale: This can be used as a hook in the lesson to get students interested in Greek culture and theatre.

The Greatest Theatre

Description: video about how the Ancient Greeks built an acoustically perfect theatre in Epidaurus that is still used to this day, over two thousand years later.

Rationale: A video will help visual learners picture what a Greek theatre looked like.

Parts of a Greek Theater | IB Theatre DAA

Description: diagram of the part of a Greek Theater

Rationale: students will need to know the parts of a Greek theater and what they are called. The image will help visual learners.

OEDIPUS REX - Choral ode

Description: This video is an example of an ancient Greek style Chorus performance. It is from Oedipus Rex.

Rationale: the Chorus is a strange concept to understand unless it is seen. This example shows what it might have been like in Ancient Greece.

Description: the website lists and describes the 6 poetics created by Aristotle.

Rationale: The website is simple and to the point. It is not distracting and is easy to read. Students will need to know the poetics and how they are related to Greek theatre.

Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software – Canva

Description: Canva is an online graphic design software.

Rationale: Canva can be used by students to create a product at the end of the lesson, such as an online poster.