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The Best Karaoke Machine In The Philippines

How To Prepare Your Voice For Karaoke Night –

Anticipating to spend more time and get closer with your friends or acquaintances? Schedule a karaoke night with them. According to a published study by experimental psychology researchers from the University of Oxford, bonding over karaoke can build relationships. In fact, a recent research indicates that singing in g

Things You Need to Host the Best Karaoke Party –

Karaoke bars in the Philippines are widely spread because of the Filipinos’ strong penchant for it. Extending from the urban areas to rural areas, the profound love for karaoke is unmistakable. Even with the frequent blackouts, locals still avail for themselves the best karaoke player in the Philippines for entertainme

Types Of Karaoke People –

In the Philippines, karaoke is a common way to bond and spend time with friends and family; it is no wonder Filipinos are known for it. Even though we are famous for it, each person actually reacts differently when faced with a microphone and an impending performance. They may be nervous, even too eager, or just couldn

Reasons Why Filipinos Are Good At Singing –

Last May 23, Filipinos gained global attention once again when Mariah Carey praised teen duo Aldrich and James for their rendition of the Songbird Supreme’s song “Hero”. Carey, who participated in Glamour magazine’s You Sang My Song YouTube series, was shown fans who covered her song.   This was not the first time the

8 Fun Ideas For A Grown-Up Slumber Party –

With things getting more expensive these days, people are now starting to come up with ways to be more practical and spend less. Usual grand parties in clubs and bars are now done at home instead. Drinking places are now done in a friend’s house. Rather than eating out, friends decide to have a potluck and divide the c

Best Occasions To Throw A Karaoke Party

Throwing your own party can be a pain to arrange, more so when you have no idea how to do it. There are so many things for you to organize such as the budget, invitations, venue, program, theme, etc. Aside from that, you want it to be fun and memorable; An event that you, your family, and your friends would remember fo

How To Throw A Karaoke Party For Your Kid

There is a saying that goes, “Children are only young once so spend time with them.” As much as possible, parents want them to enjoy their youth, have fun, and create lasting memories they can take with them when they grow up. With this in mind, it’s only natural to give them the best birthdays to remember for life.  W

Perfect Gifts To Give This Holiday Season

Still unsure what to give your loved ones this coming holiday season? It can be quite a challenge to come up with something unique every single time, right? Of course, it’s only common sense to not gift the person the same thing twice, unless requested. If you’re already running out of options and the perfect gift is s