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Curated Lessons and Resources

Why old buildings use the same leaf design

Description: Gives general information on all the columns and specific information on the Corinthian columns.
Rational: To give possible historical context of what influenced the Corinthian style, and reinforce the definitions of the column eras.

Acropolis Virtual Tour

Description: A 360 view (like google street view) of the Acropolis and the buildings surrounding it.
Rational: To begin discussion about upkeep of the buildings, and how, why, and where they were made.

#MetKids—How Can I Recognize Ancient Greek Architecture?

Description: A 10 year old explaining the different column eras.
Rationale: To give students a size reference to someone their age and reinforce the different types.

Four Orders of Architecture: Doric, Ionic, Corinthian and Composite. - KinderartFour Orders of Architecture Children ...

Description: Directions for art project creating all three orders of columns.
Rationale: Students can show their learning through creating a column of their own.

Official site

Description: Minecraft a gamification option
Rationale: Possibly a longer graphic design project, and or find a server that includes the Parthenon and allow students to explore it. Get some graphic design experience, and or experience what is possible through design.




Description: Article on the history of column usage in more than just Greek architecture. Shows a picture of column drum.
Rationale: To begin discussion on what other architectures included columns before Greece utilized them. Identify what a column drum is.

Learn how to use Tinkercad

Description: A means to make 3-D objects
Rational: Could possibly make Ionic columns out of simple shapes.

The Erechtheion

Description: Giving historical beliefs about constructions, and historical connections. Specifically, information on The Erechtheion, 421-405 B.C.E.
Rational: Introduce caryatids and give more historical context for buildings.

Quick, Draw!

Description: A drawing game where an AI attempts to identify a quick drawing.
Rationale: A short engagement activity or extension activity, could tie in with identifying works of art.

Create Games, Challenges, and Tournaments! - PurposeGames

Description: A website for making games for educational purposes.
Rationale: Could create an image quiz that the students need to label the order and the part of the column.

Bring your lessons to life with Expeditions | Google for Education

Description: Google Expeditions allows a teacher to guide students through collections of 360° scenes and 3D objects, pointing out interesting sites and artifacts along the way.
Rationale: There is one for Greece that would give students a more immersive look at the Greek architecture, objects, and scenery.