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Curated Lesson

Color Wheel - Color Calculator | Sessions College

Descriptions:This link is to an interactive color wheel to allow explanation to students color theory.
Rationale: I am choosing this website with the interactive color wheel to allow students to digitally create colors to save resources on painting materials.

Color Theory Basics

Description: Crash course of vocab terms and main themes of color theory.
Rationale: This video is a way for students to have a visual representation of vocab terms for all grade levels.

Color A color matching game

Description: A game that allows students to learn color hue with is apart of color theory.
Rationale: This is a link to game that allows students to match which hue a color starts with to recreate colors.

Color Harmonies: complementary, analogous, triadic color schemes

Description: The basic color harmonies: complementary, analogous, triadic and tetradic color schemes.
Rationale: This is a visual representation of different color harmonies that can be used at all ages to help students under different colors.

Flashcards Color Terms | Quizlet

Description: Online flash cards to help students learn key terms in the lesson on color.
Rationale: These are flash cards used to upper level high school students to help them gain a deeper knowledge of color theory.

Learn to Paint: How to Create Your First Painting

Description :Learning about paints, such as oils, watercolors, and acrylics, as well as safety tips before you delve into your first painting.
Rationale: Blog post used to help students gain tips for different types of painting activities.

Bob Ross Week - a Lafonso Event - Don't hate - painters gonna paint! - Imgflip

Description: An image tagged thug life ross,painters gonna paint,bob ross meme,thug life chose bob meme
Rationale: Just a funny picture to lighten the mood for starting a painting using a famous artist.

The Big Ask | The Painting Experience Podcast

Description:The painting process asks something big of everyone who comes to it: Can you dare to respect your own expression?
Rationale: Using color and using it in a way that is expressed differently for each student. This is aimed for upper level high school students.

8 top acrylic painting tips for artists | Creative Bloq

Description: Are extremely versatile and vibrant, offering the artist a wide range of textures, colours and consistencies in tips for students.
Rationale: Upper level students can read the blog post and take notes on tips that found interesting.

Making your own Canvas Board with Haidee Jo Summers

Description:SAA Professional Associate Haidee Jo Summers shows you how simply how to make your own Canvas Board for use with oils or acrylics.
Rationale: Teaching upper level students how to prepare their canvas before starting their paint to ensure a long lasting surface.