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Updated by Maggie Hopwood on Nov 09, 2018
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Curated Lesson Resources - Sound and Vibrations

Sound and Vibration - Kids Discover

Description: This website describes and explains a lot of different vocabulary words associated with sound and vibration.
Rationale: I chose this website because it is very kid friendly and because the vocabulary words are bolded which makes it easy for students to find what they need without reading every word.


How We Hear Infographic

How We Hear Infographic

Description: This infographic explains the the steps our ear goes through to make sense of sounds.
Rationale: I chose this infographic because it is very simple, easy to follow, and students like having a visual.

How Your Ears Work Video

Description: This video gives an interactive explanation of how sound travels through the ear.
Rationale: I chose this video because it is made for children and it is very upbeat, fun, and engaging as the characters go into the ear.

What is Sound? | The Dr. Binocs Show | Learn Videos For Kids

Description: This video introduces sound and explains frequency and pitch a little bit.
Rationale: I chose this video because I think students would enjoy it because of the silly character and it will keep them engaged.

Sound: Games (Science Trek: Idaho Public Television)

Description: This website has links to several interactive sound and vibration games and activities.
Rationale: I chose this website of games because they seemed to be actually educational compared to other games I found online on the topic of sound and vibrations.

Can you name that sound? | QuizPedia

Description: This game/quiz plays a sound and students have to match it to an object.
Rationale: I think this game will be a good brain break from learning to get students back on track and focused. It is still focused around sounds and vibrations but it's all fun!

DK Find Out! | Fun Facts for Kids on Animals, Earth, History and more!

Description: This website allows students to explore different concepts dealing with sound such as loudness, pitch, traveling at the speed of sound, and echoes.
Rationale: I chose this website because it allows students to feel like they have control over what they are learning. The website is setup in a very kid friendly way with lots of pictures and not a ton of words.


Sound Wave Labeled Infographic

Sound Wave Labeled Infographic

Description: This infographic labels the different parts of a sound wave.
Rationale: I chose this infographic because it is very simple and easy to follow which is important for young students.


Pitch and Volume

Pitch and Volume

Description: This picture shows how, depending on what a sound wave looks like, can be different volumes and pitches.
Rationale: I chose this picture because I thought it would be informational for students and make it easier to grasp the idea.

Explain Everything is the interactive online whiteboard for productive meetings across the office, in the classroom, ...

Description: Explain Everything is a whiteboard application that students can explain their thinking on.
Rationale: I chose this website so that my students could create pictures of things that make different sounds. I will have them draw a certain amount of things that make high pitched/low pitched sounds and sounds that they like.