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Updated by victoria-calvillo-edu on Apr 14, 2020
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Top 10 Tech Tips List

List for future classroom. Top ten tech tip tools I believe I will use in my own classroom.

Quiver Vision

Augmented Reality coloring pages. Great for spare time during a classroom party or while teaching about technology. Students will love coloring the pages and watching their artwork come to life before their eyes. Specific coloring pages are needed, there are a lot of options, and the free app downloaded onto a device. This will be a hit in the classroom with students, who doesn't love seeing their artwork come off the page?




Quick way to have a short assessment of students current knowledge on topics. It is engaging and competitive, grasping each students attention throughout. It is free and a tool that gives immediate feedback. It can be single person plays or team players, also it can be shown as a given name or anonymous; also it gives you the option to adjust time limits to very long or short for responses from students. Great way to have a quick grade and have a quick exciting moment in class.

Class Dojo

Interactive class management tool. Based on a point system, teacher is given the option to either give or take points. Great for communication with parents; includes features to email parents and for them to see point progress in class, in real time. Great incentive for class as they can strive to reach a goal for the week. Students can get involved too as they can create their own monster.

AR Flashcards

Engaging way to get children to study flashcards. Augmented reality setting, watch as the flashcards come to life! There are several options of flashcards from the alphabet to Abraham Lincoln. Completely free to use, just need to download the app. Can do from anywhere as long it is a well lit room and you have the flashcards on hand.

Google Classroom

Digital classroom setting; there are many features for teachers and students to use. Teachers can post announcements, assign homework, add to the class calendar, grade assignments, create assignments, and more! Great way to keep track of papers digitally, so students don't have to go riffling through their folders to find work. Students are also able to view notes done in class at home, teacher just needs to upload it onto the platform, and BOOM! There it is for all students to view at their leisure. Wait- don't want to assign an assignment to all students? There is an option to assign specific students to view a specific document. There are ways to customize the platform and make it your own, all you have to do it upload a picture as your cover photo.

Class Tag

Classroom management tool; send emails, upload photos, post announcements, and many more features. Great teacher-to-parent communication tool, very quick and easy. Very appealing to the eye as it is very colorful and easy to use. Have English Learners in your classroom and finding it hard to communicate with parents? This is a great tool to use, as it translates texts to parents into 50+ other languages!

Khan Academy

Amazing study and teaching tool for students and teachers. There is an endless amount of information on the site for all subjects. Some of the options include college career, computing, science, and even test prep help! There are easy to follow YouTube videos and reading information for each subject; catering to visual and audio learners. Great resource for teachers to refer to and suggest to students to use if they need extra help with home work.




Interactive tool for teachers for presenting lessons, and are able to use it for parent out reach. There are many possibilities with this platform such as presentations, digital stories, newsletters, and much more! Buncee makes presenting a lot more appealing to watch and lecture to. Simple to use and is easy for students to create digital work as well. Engaging, impactful, and easy to navigate.

Flip Grid

Need help including your audio learners into the classroom? Look no further! Flipgrid is an interactive way to help audio learners become inclusive in the classroom; allowing them to answer questions verbally and communicate with the entire class. The whole class can get involved with posting videos and answering one another. Great communication tool with students and an alternative to written answers.

Story Jumper

Great resource for making your student's stories get published. The books become an amazing keepsake for students and parents, allowing students to gain a sense of pride for their work. Story Jumper is easy to use and rated #1 for creating your own story books. You have to pay, but it is worth the money as the books are very good quality. There are several features to help enhance the books such as voice overs and adding music.