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Top 10 websites for future classroom

This list contains ten websites/apps we have learned in EDU228 class an d Saint Leo University that I have found useful and will want to use in my future classroom.




Kahoot is a review game. The question is on the board and students use a device to click on the color the believe holds the correct answer. This will let teachers know where each student struggles or excels. Kahoot is free for all users and teachers can create their own Kahoot for their classroom. Students must use critical thinking when answering the questions on the board.

ClassDojo ♥

Build wonderful classroom communities with parents and students. ClassDojo allows teachers to post things to a Facebook-like wall for parents to see at home. Teachers can post pictures of class activities, field trips and more. This allows the parent to kno wwhat is going on during their child's school day even when the child says "we didn't do anything'. ClassDojo is also a rewards system. Throughout the day, a teacher can give or take away points to each student. A student can earn points by pushing in their chairs, being in class, sharing with another student, etc. A teacher can take away points for rudeness or failure to follow directions.


Quizlet encourages studying of students by being able to create flashcards. Many set of flashcards are already created so students can search for a specific topic of cards. This source uses a substitution of normal flashcards because they are online. They also simplify the activity of making flashcards and save time.


BrainPOP is a website full of educational videos for grades 3-12. Most videos are free but there are some videos that require pay. No downloaing is required and closed caption is available. Students can send mail to Tim and Moby asking questions. At the end of each video there is a review quiz available.




Quiver is a website and app that allow children bring their colored pictures to life. A child colors a picture provided on the website and use the camera on the app to bring life to their creation. The pictures all do different things such as play soccer, sing or move.

Book Creator

Book Creator allows students to write and publish their own books. These books require critical thinking, creativity and sometimes collaboration. Teachers can assign students the task of creating their own book for homework, a project or just classwork.


Story Jumper allows students to write books online an publish them. Parents and teachers can purchase these books as hardbacks or paperbacks. Students can feel good about their writing skills and be more excited for writing and language arts.


Classtag is a parent/ teacher communication in and out of the classroom. Classtag is set up similarly to Facebook and lets teachers show parents what is going on in the classroom. Similar to Class Dojo, Classtag gives coins as reward and redeem them for actual rewards. Also has a feature of parent/ teacher messaging.


Funbrain allows children learn through gaming. Some games contain counting, spelling and just cognitive hand-eye skills. Children don't realize they are learning because they are just having fun. Made for grades Pre-k- 5th grade.

ABCya! | Educational Computer Games and Apps for Kids

ABCya is a website of free and educational games for Kindergarten through fifth grade. Games help students learn while playing games. For example, there is a math basketball game that lets students shoot a basketball after getting the math problem right. This website encourages children to learn and have a desire to do so.