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CPV Advertising Via Best Ad Networks And Their Targeting Options

Massive increase of mobile users has changed the landscape of internet advertising for ever. Thanks to this increase mobile ad networks offer cheap paid traffic in mobile advertising. The targeting options are different from those in traditional web advertising on desktop. Optimize your campaigns by using advanced audience targeting options.

Device-Type Targeting In Pay Per Impression Advertising

For display campaigns, you can target

  • specific device types,
  • operating systems,
  • device models, and
  • ad inventory (spaces where publishers allow ads to run), as well as carriers and wireless networks.
Targeting Users In Specific Geos On CPC CPM Basis

Determine and target the geolocation of a website visitor and delivering hyper localized content to that visitor based on their location but not limited to country, region/state, city, zip code / postal code, organization, IP address, ISP and other criteria.

Top CPM Ad Networks Targeting Users Using A Device Of A Specific Brand

Brand Targeting lets you determine the audience that you want to reach. It will help you to strengthen your brand's effectiveness while forcusing and identifying your target market by narrowing down on visitors using a device of a specific brand.

What is CPM In Advertising When Targeting Users Of A Specific Connection Type?
Best CPM Network Targeting Users Of Certain Internet Service Providers

ISP Targeting allows you to target users of certain internet-service-providers (ISP).
This targeting feature is mostly used in performance marketing for the purpose of campaign optimisation.

Cheap Website Traffic By Targeting Mobile Carrier Traffic Only

Mobile Carrier Targeting is based upon mobile network codes (MNC) or use of IP address databases at the level of the carrier's infrastructure and allows you to target users of a specific mobile carrier. Some banner ad networks provide this smart targeting feature.

CPM Networks That Allow Targeting Users Of A Specific Browser

Browser Targeting is the ability to deliver a campaign or creative only to specific web browsers, such as Chrome Mobile or Opera or even to specific browser versions such as Firefox Namoroka for example. Browser targeting is useful when an ad creative is not compatible with all browser versions, so that no adspend gets wasted just due to wrong useless targeting.

Targeted Website Traffic Targeting Users Of A Specific Operating System

Operating System Targeting allows advertisers to target to users that use a specific operating system on their device and it also allows marketers to target specific versions of each operating system. This targeting feature might become important during campaign optimization when the marketer notices significant variations in volume and conversions from one operating system or even operating-system-version to the other. It is a known fact among marketers that in average users of IOS operating system have more purchasing power compared to other operating systems such as Android for example because an Apple computer such as MAC or Apple mobile such as iphone has its elevated price tag.

What Are The CPM Rates When Targeting Other Languages?

Language Targeting allows you to target users speaking a certain language. In the United States for example over 50 million people are Hispanic or Latino and therefore need to be targeted in Spanish if the marketer wants to sell anything to that segment of the population. Top ad networks allow you to set the language in your campaign.

The Top CPM Ad Networks Offering Niche Targeting

Niche Targeting allows you to target a small but specific and well defined segment of the population. That kind of niche marketing obviously can save you lot of adspend.

Online Advertising Sites Targeting Clients For Local Businesses In A Certain GMB Category

GMB Category Targeting allows the marketer to target clients for local businesses in a specific GMB category OR to target local businesses within a certain GMB category. Google My Business is a space where a marketer may place ads.

Revealed: Where To Buy Targeted Traffic Targeting A Specific IAB Category

IAB category targeting allows you to select from all IAB categories, e.g.

  • IAB1 - Arts & Entertainment;
  • IAB2 - Automotive,
  • IAB3 - Business;
  • IAB4 - Carrers;
  • IAB5 - Education;
  • IAB6 - Family & Parenting;
  • IAB7 - Health & Fitness;
  • IAB8 - Food & Drink;
  • IAB9 - Hobbies & Interests;
  • IAB10 - Home & Garden;
  • IAB11 - Law, Government & Politics;
  • IAB12 - News; etc...

If you wanted for example launch an advertising campaign targeting people who want to buy or sell homes, then you should target the corresponding IAB category number 21-3.

Paid Traffic Sources For Campaign Targeting By Industry

Industry Targeting is being able to target specific industries. This will help you gain more qualified leads. When you combine industry targeting with keyword targeting, which lets you choose words or phrases relevant to your product or service, then you narrow down your targeting to a very specific group of people.

If for example you wanted to launch a campaign in the automotive industry then you would look out for an ad network that allows you to target the industry vehicles.

CPM Banner Advertising Campaign With Targeting By Keyword

Keyword Targeting lets you choose words or phrases relevant to your product or service so that your ads appear in front of the customers that are on the search for those terms. Let's say for example that a mortgage company would like to launch a campaign targeting people who consider buying a property and therefore are interested in finding a lender for a mortgage or remortgage, then keyword targeting is a very important targeting option. Obviously this should be combined with geo targeting so that relevancy is given.

Popunder Advertising While Only Targeting Specific Screen Resolutions

Screen Resolution Targeting allows you to target specific screen resolutions with resolution being the number of pixels - individual points of color - contained on a display monitor, expressed in terms of the number of pixels on the horizontal axis and the number on the vertical axis. Website screen size plays an important role deciding about whether or not your ad can be displayed or not. Depending on the screen resolution the cost per impression may vary.