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Updated by Jelena Cekic on Nov 09, 2018
Headline for Using Tech to Boost Customer Engagement and Experience in 2018
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Using Tech to Boost Customer Engagement and Experience in 2018

Customer engagement is one of the biggest factors for success for online businesses - Let's see how new tech can help you improve it.



In the modern world of today where technology has the last say, businesses do everything within their power to improve the way their customers engage with them and provide the ultimate customer experience. If the customers are really satisfied with this experience, they'll become loyal in time and it's well-known that loyal customers buy more.

This is where the tech comes in because, as it evolves day by day, it provides businesses with the necessary tricks to provide the best customer experience and engage their consumers even more.

Customer engagement and experience are the best proof of the success of a business. There's no doubt that 2018 is the year of everything customer, from customer satisfaction and experience to customer engagement.

Customers today expect brands to provide the best experience they possibly can and people use this experience to judge a certain brand and determine whether its worth their time. If the experience is flawless, they'll decide to follow that brand.

So, it's safe to say that brands can harness the power of modern technology and improve their service based on the preferences of their customers to provide an experience that exceeds the expectations of their target audience.

Such an experience will guarantee increased customer engagement, which results in more revenue. With that in mind, here are five ways businesses can use tech to boost customer engagement and experience today.


Monitor Customer Behavior and Track Customer Efforts

Monitor Customer Behavior and Track Customer Efforts

Every business can improve their customer engagement and experience with the right tools and training. Technology evolves in such a way that it helps businesses improve customer satisfaction by monitoring customer behavior and tracking customer efforts to find out what it is that they want from a brand.

Since the internet is an abundant source of information, simply perfect for gathering data, all that vast information can be used to improve both customer experience and engagement. Instead of waiting for customers to make the first move, the companies can offer solutions or suggestions based on the current needs of their customers. If brands are that forthcoming, they have better chances of improving their customer experience.

Just like technology, customer behavior is constantly evolving and modern businesses are using every tool at their disposal to analyze the customer journey and provide a more personalized shopping experience. This personalization offers real-time communication with the customers across numerous channels that the customers prefer.

Almost all customers now use smartphones as their main way of communication, so a brand can improve the customer experience by providing automated communication in real-time on various channels.


Changing the Game with Machine Learning

Changing the Game with Machine Learning

The only way to improve customer experience and engagement is by constantly collecting and analyzing data. Since this is a bit of an effort, especially for a small business, we need machine learning.

The truth is that this way of smart learning has immensely changed the way businesses see data, similar to how artificial intelligence and the emergence of chatbots changed the way organizations interact with customers.

In fact, this is the best way to change a negative customer experience into a positive one. And that's exactly where machine learning comes into play. It takes all the data necessary for a positive customer experience to learn the difference between negative and positive practices.

If a customer expresses a negative experience, artificial intelligence collects that data and uses it to determine the best course of action to improve that experience. This is where the best AI with a chatbot can make a difference that will result in customer satisfaction.


Automation to Reduce Wait Time

Automation to Reduce Wait Time

Automation is one of the best things that modern technology has to offer as putting certain repetitive tasks on autopilot has numerous benefits for organizations. Now, one of the best things about automation and artificial intelligence are chatbots.

These problem-solvers offer solutions to customers in a timely manner and in such a way that they greatly contribute to building trust between a brand and their customers. Such instant gratification can only result in ultimate customer satisfaction.

On top of being so efficient, having the best AI with a chatbot is more cost-efficient for businesses than hiring an entire customer service team. These fantastic chatbots can be easily created and programmed to better answer every request and demand that customers might have.

Chatbot platforms such as allow organizations to build customized chatbots that directly serve their needs and these organizations don't even need any programming knowledge to do so. No more wait or hold times, only effectiveness and efficiency at the highest level.


AI, Chatbots, and Self-Service

AI, Chatbots, and Self-Service

Now, besides just solving customers’ problems and answering their questions, the best AI with a chatbot can do even more. Every customer buys a product for some reason. Well, artificial intelligence and chatbots can help you find out what that reason is to suggest a more suitable product or service based on customer behavior and preferences.

While artificial intelligence allows brands to better understand the needs of their customers and further engage them, chatbots are a great way to introduce self-service to modern customers. By removing the human factor from this equation, customers find it easier to connect with the brands when they need certain products or services.

It's exactly this interaction that allows artificial intelligence to further analyze the customer journey and behavior so that it can make suggestions and recommendations to improve customer experience, engagement, and satisfaction.

Chatbots are the best bridge between what brands offer and what customers need, and they improve the way brands and their customers interact. Artificial intelligence is what makes these chatbots so effective in what they do.


Improved Personalization with Enhanced Data

Personalization is extremely important for both customer experience and engagement and thanks to the latest and most innovative technology, companies are now able to personalize their customer approach any way they see fit.

They can use all the enhanced data that they’ve gathered using artificial intelligence and chatbots to better personalize the way they communicate with their customers, how they offer their products and pretty much everything else that involves their interaction with customers. Customer experience is something that you can easily measure and manage and thanks to the latest technology and there are many platforms that allow you to do this.

Better personalization allows companies to find new and innovative ways to reach more customers and sell more products to wider audiences but most importantly, build a base of loyal customers that put their trust in the brands they like.

Creating such a meaningful relationship with customers is the best way to increase their engagements and improve customer experience to ensure a successful future. Only if the companies can exceed the expectations of their customers, will they truly prosper and become successful.

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