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General Insurance

Two wheeler insurance is mandatory as per the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1998. Yet some people hesitate to get two wheeler insurance. You can avail a number of benefits when you opt for long-term or multi-year two wheeler insurance policy in India. Here are some of the benefits that you can get when you buy long term two wheeler insurance online.

Easiest way to get Two wheeler insurance

The renewal date of the two wheeler insurance policy depends mainly on the effective date of the policy and the duration of the insurance period. Generally, renewals of two-wheeled insurance are taking place annually, but they can last longer if you have chosen a long-term two-wheel insurance policy when you purchase the policy.


All About Two Wheeler Insurance

All About Two Wheeler Insurance

The best two wheeler insurance policy can help you to cope up with such situation. It provides financial protection during any emergency situations. You have to pay a certain premium in order to buy bike insurance policy online. So wouldn’t it be great if you find some ways to save on your two wheeler insurance policy premium? Well, there are many ways to save premium of bike insurance plans.

Some Effective Add-on Covers for Your Two Wheeler Insurance – Anshiroy

Two wheeler insurance policy is a specific way of financially protecting your bike from various damages that could come out of anywhere. A basic motor insurance policy namely Third-Party Two Wheeler Insurance only provides you a minimum cover. But, in order to safeguard yourself against all uncertainties and unfortunate events, you must opt for something…

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Two wheelers are stylish, fast and affordable. It’s the dream of every youngster in India. All men are more or less passionate about two wheelers while you can spot a new trend of scooty riding among women and girls in our country. We must not forget the fact that two-wheelers are mainly prone to various dangers and accidents than any other motor vehicles. Therefore, you must make sure you and your bike is all the way protected against any unforeseen circumstances both on and off road. So many things can happen with your bike, it can get broken or incur various damages requiring repair, and it can also get stones which is worse of all. For more precise and comprehensive details, visit our website Two wheeler insurance

Inclusions & Exclusions of Bharti AXA Two Wheeler insurance

Two Wheeler vehicles
like bike or scooters are considered as the easiest mode of transportation. So,
most of the Indians consider their bike as the daily mode of transportation. Two
wheeler vehicles entail a lot more risk than any four wheeler. So you have to
secure your two wheeler in every possible way. And a proper two wheeler
insurance policy can help you in that aspect. If you are looking for the best
two wheeler insurance policies in India, you can definitely opt for Bharti AXA
two wheeler insurance policy. Here in this article we will discuss about
inclusions and exclusions of Bharti AXA two wheeler insurance.

Best four wheeler national insurance plan

If you bought a new car and looking for purchasing a new car insurance policy, you can consider National car insurance policy, the best motor policy in India. A National car insurance plan comes with countless of benefits. Comprehensive coverage of National car insurance plan keeps the policyholders financially protected when the insured car gets damaged and stolen. It also shields policyholders’ financial liabilities to third parties. Being the best motor insurance policy in India, this oldest general insurer offers many other benefits along with the regular coverage.
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Car Insurance Online Policy 2018: Compare & Buy or Renew Car Insurance

Compare Car Insurance Plans Online among 29+ insurance companies in India from GIBL and Get Lowest Premium Car Insurance Policy 2018. Buy or Renew Instant Car Insurance Policies Online in India. Get Instant Quote, Claim Support Facility, Upto 70% Discount, 4000+ Cashless Garages.

Car insurance is more beneficial than you can imagine. The most important benefit of a car insurance policy is that it offers protection. It gives you total protection against any unforeseen incident that could destroy your peace of mind. This way car insurance policies enable you drive through the road without any stress with your family or loved ones. Now let’s find out why you must consider car insurance as a necessity.

Reasons Why Add On Covers Are Required for Car Insurance?

There are two types of car insurance policies – third party and comprehensive motor insurance plan. People generally think that comprehensive car insurance plan provides complete protection for the car. But thing is not like that, there are some parts which are not covered by basic comprehensive insurance policy. Motor insurers offer some add-on covers in order to supplement your basic comprehensive insurance cover. So you should not avoid car insurance add-on covers. Here we will discuss some of the reasons why add-on covers of car insurance are required.

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Motor Insurance Renewal in Online

 Protection from loss of car or damage to your car.
 Unlimited Liability for Third Party death/ injury Claims.
 Indemnity for third party property damage up to a limit of Rs. 7.5 lakhs.
 Personal Accident Cover for you, your paid driver and the occupants in the car.

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Why Should I Buy Car Insurance Policy?

With the rising numbers of on-road accidents, having the best car insurance policy certainly calls for an immediate action. However, if you are still wondering why you should buy car insurance policy, let me give you some reasons.

Why Car Insurance Is Important In India? –

As per motor vehicle act 1988, if you own a car and driving on Indian road, you must opt for a car insurance policy. Apart from the legal obligation, a car insurance policy is needed if you think about complete safety of your car. A car insurance policy is an important factor that ensures the…

Reasons to Consider Car Insurance as a Necessity

There are thousands of reasons why you must consider car insurance in India a necessity. Even though car insurance has been made mandatory in India, there is still more significance of having a motor insurance. A proper car insurance policy provides you financial support in the events where you may have to suffer damage of your vehicle. Car insurance also provides coverage against the third party death, injuries and property loss. Here are some of the best reasons why you must take a suitable car insurance plan.

How Car Insurance Can Benefit You? –

  Car insurance in India can be beneficial beyond your thinking. Not only car insurance gives you a protection against any unforeseen damages due to an accident but also gives you a sense of security so you can enjoy the ride with your family without a single worry. Third Party Legal Liability:    Imagine your car…

Easy Steps to Buy the Best Car Insurance Online

Car insurance has been made compulsory by Motor Vehicles Act. There is a plenty of car insurance companies available in India to cater to the increasing demand for car insurance plans. So, you have to know the right steps to find out the best car insurance online.

Why to Buy Car Insurance?

Cars are no longer any big deal. Almost anyone can buy cars nowadays. But with the rising number of cars in the street day by day has also increased the numbers of accident and injuries/death resulting from such accidents. This is why car insurance is very much important for your own safety as well as…

Should I Renew My Car Insurance Online? –

Technology has made everything easy which was not possible a long time back. With the help of internet and technology you can easily book a movie ticket, order your favorite clothes or summon a cab driver. Insurance too, can be renewed online. And when it comes to the car insurance renewal online, it can be…

renew car insurance online

How to renew your car insurance online:

• When you renew your car insurance online you no longer have to deal with any third party or any agent. So that you can be sure that there’s no hidden cost or fake promises. You will get what you pay for and you will have pay for only what you want.
• When you go for online motor insurance renewal, you will have number of options in your hand. You can choose to renew your car insurance policy from a different insurer and your NCB will also be transferred with the policy purchased from new insurer.
• Car insurance online renewal costs less. A number of motor insurance providers offer special discount when car insurance is renewed online.
• You can go with some online insurance comparison portals like GIBL.IN, to renew your car insurance at the lowest premium with extensive coverage. You can compare a number of different car insurance policies online and choose the one as per your requirement and budget.

To know more information about car insurance renewal visit our website GIBL.IN.

What Should I Go for, Third Party or Comprehensive Car Insurance?

See, the liability only car insurance has been developed to protect an insured person against the third party legal liabilities arising out of any third party injury, death or property damage. The main beneficiary of a third party car insurance policy is a third party not the owner of the policy. It is important to remember here that the third party car insurance will not offer any coverage if in case your own vehicle suffers any damage or loss from an accident or any similar incident.
But, the comprehensive car insurance policy makes sure you and your vehicle is all the way protected against any unforeseen damages or loss. The comprehensive motor insurance plan covers third party legal liability as well. This is an all in one cover for your car insurance policy.

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Why to Buy or Renew Car Insurance Online?

In a country like India where every minute someone becomes the victim of a road accident, a country where road accident separates a person for life from his loved and closed one in a blink of an eye – requires a robust protection against any unforeseen circumstance that could happen to you as you ride…


Which Car Insurance Plan is needed?

Which Car Insurance Plan is needed?

This is the first step of any car insurance policy renewal. The car owner needs to understand whether he/she needs a
Standalone 3rd Party Liability Insurance – *Covers damages caused to another vehicle by the insured vehicle. It also covers damages or loss caused to a third party individual or property due to the insured vehicle or,
Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy –
Covers both self as well as the 3rd party against damage. This policy is costlier than a third party liability insurance as it provides protection against a wider range of unforeseen events.
As well as are there any add-ons or not, Is there Cashless damage repair or not and the Insured Declared Value [IDV] etc.

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Buy & Renew Motor Insurance Easily from GIBL.IN

Buy & Renew Motor Insurance Easily from GIBL.IN

Online car insurance empowers you with a number of special unique features and benefits such as:

• When you renew or buy car insurance online you have a large number of options in your hands to choose from
Online car insurance save you a lot of time
• If you renew your vehicle insurance policy you can avail attractive discounts on premium
• There are a number of online car insurance comparison and purchase site such as GIBL.IN from where you can compare a number of motor insurance policies on offer with different motor insurance companies and buy as per your convenience and affordability.

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IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Online in India | Renew & Buy Car Insurance

IFFCO Tokio car insurance offers best policy covers for motor. Buy & Renew motor insurance policy from IFFCO Tokio as soon as possible for better coverage.. For more details visit our website Car Insurance