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Top 15 Must-Try Dishes in Vietnam – The Best Dishes to Try and where to Find them

Vietnam is home to a wide variety of food dishes that will drive any foodie insane. Here are 15 of must-try dishes to try while visiting Vietnam and where to find them.


Bun moc

This is a type of noodle soup that is made using rice vermicelli noodles and a broth made up of Vietnamese sausages, chunks of pork and meatballs. The best part about this dish is that it isn’t spicy, making it a perfect comfort food.


Bún bò Huế

A beef-based noodle soup that has a spicy broth made using lemongrass, beef bones, rice vermicelli noodles, a big piece of beef and boiled vegetables.


Bánh tằm bì

A dish made up of sweet basils, chopped up herbs, Vietnamese coriander and topped off with a nice piece of pork and sticky noodles. The dish is garnished with green onions and a thick coconut cream is added on top. This sweet tasting dish is available on in the southern part of Vietnam.


Bánh cuốn

When translated into English Bánh cuốn means rice cake. The batter used to make Bánh cuốn consists of Rice flour, turmeric powder and coconut milk. A hot griddle is used to cook the batter until it turns yellow. Once the batter has turned yellow shrimps and green onions are added to the centre till the Bánh cuốn becomes a golden crispy colour. Vegetables, lettuce and herbs are added in finally to complete this dish.


Bột chiên

One of the many variations of fried rice cakes, Bột chiên is made with tapioca starch and rice flour. After being cut into small slices the rice cakes are cooked on top of hot skillet using lard until they turn a golden brown and served with green onions and an egg.


Cơm bình dân

A ready-made rice meal that typically ordered with minced pork, a variety of fried fish or pork belly accompanied with some vegetable dishes of your choice.


Cá kho tộ

This Vietnamese delicacy can be found in street food and fine dining restaurants. The dish is made by cooking a catfish using a sweet caramel sauce and it is served in a clay pot. It goes well with a rice and is easy to find as it is a very common food that is consumed by the locals of Vietnam.



Vietnam’s own version of rice porridge made using duck, pig organs or pork. The dish is a popular breakfast choice in Vietnam but can be bought at any time of the day.



Ốc is the name given to snails, mostly found in saltwater and is a major part of the tradition in cities like Saigon.


Bún chả

Bun cha is a pork dish that can be found in restaurants close to Hanoi serviced apartment properties the likes of Somerset West Lake Hanoi which is made using of fresh rice vermicelli noodles and served alongside grilled pork patties.


Bò kho

This is Vietnam’s rendition of beef stew that is made using tender beef, carrots, tomatoes and a variety of Vietnamese vegetables cooked together at a low temperature to give it a heavenly taste.


Ốp la

This dish is served in a personal pan and is made up of eggs, onions, bacon and ham served along with a Vietnamese baguette.


Bánh xèo

Bánh xèo crispy Vietnamese snack that is like a mix between an oyster omelette and a crepe. You can choose the ingredients like shrimp, pork and onions that you want to add to the centre of your Bánh xèo batter before bean sprouts are added in and its folded up into a crepe-like a shape.


Banh Mi

A hybrid between French and Vietnamese cuisine, the Bam Mi is made using a baguette with butter, chillies, soy sauce and a meat of your choice. Pork loin, roasted pork belly and poached chicken are some of the common choices of meat the most vendors offer.


Goi Cuon

The spring rolls of Vietnam, Goi Cuon is made using shrimp, pork slices, lettuce and vermicelli noodles tightly wrapped in a rice paper called Banh Trang. Goi Cuon is normally accompanied with a dipping sauce, peanuts and chillies.