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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Bangkok – The Attractions of an Enthralling City

The vibrant city of Bangkok is undoubtedly one of Asia’s most attractive cities. There are a number of compelling reasons to visit this bustling metropolis, like those described below.


The uninterrupted culture

Thailand is unique amongst the nations of southeast Asia as it has consistently retained its independence without becoming a colony of the Western colonial powers. The culture of many southeast Asian nations is impacted by the legacy of the colonial period, with some aspects of their culture suffering as a result. On the other hand, Thailand due to its independent history has retained its authenticity, with the result that most modern Thais are well-disposed to other cultures, with an open and friendly attitude towards foreigners. Thailand’s distinctive culture with its many unique aspects is sure to capture the imagination of the visitor.


The world’s largest Chinatown

You will see that in Bangkok different cultures blend easily, as is evident in the city’s distinctive architecture and the popularity of foreign cuisine and entertainment. Migrants from many different nations have founded flourishing communities in this city, yet none of them are as vibrant and expansive as Bangkok’s Chinatown, Yaowarat. This settlement of the Chinese has become one of the city’s culinary and cultural hubs as well as a popular attraction for visitors. You will see that Yaowarat features a maze of small roadways branching off from the boulevard, Yaowarat Road. This is the place to go for Chinese culinary treats as well as the thriving trade in gold.


The remarkable architecture

Bangkok is renowned for its breathtaking architecture, with a host of architectural highlights to be seen around the city. In fact, the city’s numerous buildings of historical interest have delighted visitors with their splendid charms. Despite the fact that Bangkok is famed for its historical attractions such as temples and palaces, the architectural attractions of the city do not end there. You will also encounter many examples of noteworthy contemporary architecture in the city, such as the Elephant Tower which resembles a pachyderm. Other examples of innovative modern architecture in the city include the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Robot Building.


The eye-catching landmarks

There are a number of iconic images that are unmistakably associated with the city of Bangkok. These include the distinctive towers of Wat Arun as well as the renowned Reclining Buddha statue. Yet Bangkok also features a number of more unusual and quirky landmarks that you will not find on any picture postcards. These strange yet interesting features of the city are also sure to capture the interest of the visitor. One of these rather strange sites is the airplane graveyard, which as its name suggests, contains the remnants of various airplanes that once traversed the skies. An accommodation choice to consider from which Wat Arun would be within easy reach would be Somerset Maison Asoke Bangkok which may be considered to be a conveniently located service apartment in Bangkok near BTS station options.


To experience wellness

The traditional massages of Thailand are just an element of the various ancient therapeutic practices that are significant in this country. In fact, there are probably few other nations in the world where you will have the opportunity to enjoy outstanding medical and spa services for such economical rates. Although contemporary medical circles are undecided on the benefits of the popular Thai massages, many will affirm that Thai massage leads to reduced levels of cortisol, enhanced circulation, relief of pain and behavioural benefits for conditions like depression and autism. In addition to massages, in Thailand, you will have the opportunity to obtain services like traditional full-body rituals, facial therapies, chemical treatments for skin and hair, as well as dental treatments and even surgical remedies.