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Top 05 Reasons to Visit China – Uncover the Mysteries, Wonders and Beauty

China, boasting a rich history remained a mystery for many years. But, today with changed policies and a welcome attitude, the nation is a melting pot of experiences for the discerning traveller. Savour not just world-famous cuisine, but historical sites and landscapes rich in beauty.


Culture and History is Over 5,000 Years

Xi’an which back in the day was China’s capital called Chang’an, competed with ancient Rome to be classed as the worlds ‘greatest metropolis’; it is a fine example of China’s lineage dating back over 5,000 years, which remains unmatched in comparison with other great civilizations of the world. If you are a history buff, China is a melting pot of wonder, where you discover some of the world’s most outstanding work in the fields of art, poetry, architecture, landscape, dynasties and much more. China’s port cities, for instance, are marvellous to explore, with places like Dalian, established by the Russians boasting streets lined with Renaissance-style buildings. Stay at properties the likes of Citadines Gugeng Dalian, and explore famous landmarks such as Zhongshan Square, easy to access from serviced apartments in Dalian.


Be Dazzled by both Manmade and Natural Marvels

China is home to an awe-inspiring collection of vintage marvels such as the Great Wall of China, the Terracotta Warriors, Pagodas reflecting traits of ancient dynasties and much more. The environs are truly breath-taking from the huge deserts of the silk roads to limestone Karst Mountains of Zhangjiajie, verdant gorges, shimmering lakes, coloured forests and dreamy landscapes that are just too beautiful to be true. China is a nation that must be travelled, explored and enjoyed for its natural beauty and influence history has left over the years.


Enjoy Active Travel

China is not only for sightseeing but for savouring and enjoying, do so by being part of the many cultural shows, workshops and active recreational centres. Relish the wonders of Chinese opera, be a part of cultural workshops that train you in the ancient arts of Chines handcrafts such as calligraphy, painting, music, jade carving and discover the holistic side of Buddhism, Taoism and other serene practices that make China special.


China is the Root of Asian Culture

While Asia is a hot favourite as an alternative holiday destination, most travellers don’t seem to realise that China is, in fact, the root of much of the continent’s culture. Japanese classical culture, for instance, is believed to have been influenced by the characteristics of China’s Tang Dynasty which flourished over the 7th and 10th centuries, while Vietnam followed the Chinese written language system until the latter half of the 19th century. These are just a few examples, explore the land and you will be treated to much more.


China is Still Growing and Constantly Evolving

Standing as the world’s second largest GDP, China is poised to take over in the future. And as Chinese businesses are getting even more integrated into global trades, the Chinese language, for instance, is gaining more prominence with students in North America opting to study Mandarin in greater percentages. Discover, innovative architectural styles and be a part of emerging business as China’s grows to become one of the world’s most important business hubs.