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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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5 Places to Visit in Qatar - A Guide Taking you to Awe-Inspiring Places!

Qatar, known to be one of the safest and richest countries, is the perfect place to go on your vacation. Although the country isn't as big land wise, the place has so much to offer its visitors. It's truly amazing how much there is to see in this country. Here is a quick list of the must-visit sites when in Qatar.


The Museum of Islamic Art

This place is a must visit when in Qatar, and people claim you can just bask in its glory for almost a week if you would allow yourself to. The building is a art form in itself and was architecture by the famous IM Pei. The Museum of Islamic Art is surrounded by perfectly manicured gardens and lawns too. Inside it, is a whole new world, showcasing some of the best artwork and collections of the Muslims. If you're looking for a holiday villa in Doha for accommodation, you can check out the Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara for a good experience, which is only a 19 minutes' drive from the The Museum of Islamic Art.


Katara Mosque

When in Qatar, you can experience some of the most beautifully built mosques of this era. The Katara Mosque is one of them and is located right at the heart of the Katara Cultural Village Site. The Katara Mosque, however, takes on a unique twist when compared to other mosques built here. The colours of the tiles are different and are designed with a mosaic pattern of blue tiles with touches of yellow and red. You are going to be gazing open-mouthed at the intricate details and the complex design of the interior. It's nothing less than magnificent.


State Grand Mosque

Another mosque that deserves your attention would be the State Grand Mosque, and true to its name, it is Grand indeed. The exterior is designed impeccably where it looks like an impenetrable castle. The interior, on the other hand, is truly awe-inspiring with its dome-shaped ceiling and white pillars standing tall and strong holding up the place. The architecture is truly marvellous at this place, and for the culture buffs, a must visit!


The Doha Desert

When in Arabia, needless to say, paying a visit to the deserts in a must. The Doha Desert is untouched and quite magnificent glistening under the golden sun. A long stretch of smooth sand hills and dunes will beguile you. Explore the desert on a guided safari tour. It is truly worth the visit and money.


Al Jassasiya Carvings

Al Jassasiya Carvings in Qatar boasts of a truly intriguing experience. The place showcases one of the best form of petroglyphs, all carved in stone and is very rare. Thus promising a truly memorable experience. These carvings and symbols are revealed to be hundreds of years old and are still preserved to this day. Some of these carvings are still hard to decipher!