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Break Dengue News

Dengue Fever: Learn more about one of the world's fastest-growing threats to public health.

Dengue in Africa: Learn about the public health threat on the continent · Break Dengue

Dengue in Africa is a concern. Read about the increasing need for better protection against dengue fever across much of the continent.

Learn more about mosquito bites and how saliva gives dengue a hand · Break Dengue

Mosquito bites are not only annoying, but they're also potentially dangerous. Read how a mosquito's saliva gives dengue fever a hand...

World Dengue Day: Let's create a dedicated dengue awareness day · Break Dengue

With half of the global population at risk, it's safe to say that a dengue awareness day is long overdue. Read about World Dengue Day

EU green-lights first vaccine for prevention of dengue · Break Dengue

EU green-lights dengue vaccine. EU Health Officials (CHMP) recommended Dengvaxia be granted a marketing authorization. See how the move could reduce risks

The impact of climate change on dengue fever. Read why we can't ignore it · Break Dengue

The impact of climate change on dengue is taking its toll on public health. Learn how warmer temperatures are creating new areas suitable for dengue fever.

Artificial intelligence predicting dengue outbreaks and outcomes · Break Dengue

Artificial intelligence predicting dengue outbreaks may not be widespread just yet, but growing interest and applications are helping it catch on. Learn how

Wanted: a simple test for diagnosing dengue · Break Dengue

Diagnosing dengue has never been an easy task, but as technology improves, so does the testing. Read about the cheap and easy-to-use system that might revolutionize dengue diagnostics.

Dengue in the USA: Avoiding the wider spread of vector-borne disease · Break Dengue

Learn more about dengue in the USA and how expert insights on avoiding larger outbreaks and the wider spread of vector-borne disease in the country.

What are the benefits of dengue vaccination? Prof Tikki Pang has answers · Break Dengue

Professor Tikki Pang looks at the costs and benefits of dengue vaccination. Learn more about managing one of the world's biggest public health problems.

Read why dengue in Europe might be a bigger threat than most may think. · Break Dengue

Historically speaking, dengue in Europe is nothing new to Europeans. But warmer temperatures and increasing populations of Aedes mosquitoes now present a new public health threat to those on the old continent.

Read why some of us are more attractive to mosquitoes than others · Break Dengue

Being attractive to mosquitoes demands extra effort to avoid getting bitten, while others carry on without a bother or a bite. Find out why some of us are more attractive to mosquitoes than others.

Dengue in Mumbai: ‘Now I know what it’s called breaking bones fever’ · Break Dengue

Dengue in Mumbai is nothing new, but when this busy reporter contracted the disease, she was reminded of many who had suffered the same fate. Read her story

Dengue home remedies, a look at why they don't work · Break Dengue

Dengue home remedies have been around for as long as the disease itself. Medical expert takes a look at some of the home remedies. Do they really work?

Second dengue infection is worse than first, and what that means for vaccination · Break Dengue

Second dengue infection and why the dengue vaccine offers protective benefits to people who had been infected with dengue prior to vaccination. Read more

World Dengue Day: Support a day designated to dengue awareness · Break Dengue

Say “Yes!” to a World Dengue Day! Sign our petition for an international day of dengue and help raise awareness around this disease...