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Updated by Tim McDonald on Dec 26, 2020
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Community Manager Secret Santa

A guide of suggestions and insights for what your Secret Santa can get you. This is run by My Community Manager


Keep Calm and TWEET ON 11x14 Twitter Art Print by AustinCreations

I can never be reminded of this too often.

ThinkGeek :: Airzooka Air Gun

Yes, weaponry for Christmas. Anything from ThinkGeek is ok, though.

ThinkGeek's Geek Magnetic Poetry Kit

Roses are #FF0000, violets are #0000FF. Do the letters USB, PHP, and IEEE mean anything to you? Now that innuendo-laden poetry on your cubicle's white board can have a geeky bent to it. (Yes, we read your board. And stole your marker. Sorry 'bout that.)


Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug

Actually, not any coffee mug, but one that no one else has seen before. If you know me, coffee keeps me going as a community manager.

Don't Feed The Troll Shirt

Sometimes you just want one of these on hand to send to a member who is passionate about your community. A "Do you miss me yet" shirt would be funny too.

ThinkGeek's Mini Business Card File Cabinet

It's a shrunken down file cabinet that stores your business cards - up to 500 of them! Because every CM has too many business cards these days...

ThinkGeek :: Star Wars Yoda Holiday Hat

Santa Yoda great for #cmgrhangout. Wear it most definitely I will!

Prepare 4 the Apocalypse :: Swedish FireSteel

Will need to make fire to create an invite for the post-Apocalyptic MYCmgrhangout. I'd Gladly get in trouble with Tim for going over the limit to get one of ypu fine souls this tool.

47 Secret Santa Gifts for This Year To Make Christmas Celebration Special

If you’re confused about what to get for a Secret Santa gift, look no further. Read ahead to find the perfect gift for your loved one. The list of secret Santa gofts for friends, family, children, colleagues and loved ones includes many amazing items.