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08 Dubai Dishes to Try on Your Next Visit – An Exotic Range to Savour

A trip to Dubai promises a myriad of experiences, amongst which food plays a major role. Being a foodie in Dubai is one of the best aspects of the holiday, and with cuisine ranging across delights from Lebanon, Arabia and Iran, you can simply let your taste-buds go 'crazy'!



This is Dubai's version of the pizza, a firm favourite and ideal for those with a discerning palate, Manousheh is made with flatbread, to which very exotic ingredients like Akkawi cheese, olive oil and fresh herbs are added. You should also be adventurous and try the popular mix of eggs, minced lamb meat, sour and creamy labneh a yoghurt cheese and sweet jam; you won't regret it!


Iranian Sangak

One of Dubai's most famous foods, Iranian Sangak is leavened flatbread made from whole wheat. It is served as a rectangular shape or plain and loved with basil and Bulgarian feta. Experiment and enjoy mopping up the exotic curries you can order with Sangak, a treat, especially at Palm Jumeirah restaurants. If on the lookout for dining venues where you can savour local cuisine consider options the likes of Crescendo promising a range of regional favourites and located at Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort.


Chelo Kebab

Another winner when it comes to mouth-watering cuisine in Dubai. Chelo Kebab is served with soft fluffy basmati rice, a knob of butter and fresh salsa like salad. Make sure to try the version enhanced with fragrant dill or the sour zereshk berries.


Al Harees

A marvellous comfort food that will leave you feeling happy and satisfied, Al Harees is a combination of wheat, meat and dash of salt, all of which is been baked for several hours. A favourite during the holy month of Ramadan, Eid and weddings this is one of the traditional dishes of Arabia. Versions to try include Al Harees with samen a type of butter, sweet cinnamon and sugar, if you do have a sweet tooth.


Al Machboos

Loaded with zest this dish was voted one of Dubai's most famous. Al Machboos is a savoury combination of rice, meat and onions cooked together with fragrant spices, dried lemon and salt. The best is the traditional version served with yoghurt raita and salad.



A fresh and zesty salad made with green onions, fresh tomato, cucumber, mint and lemon juice, Tabbouleh, even if you can't pronounce it, is one of the healthier options amongst Dubai cuisine which is also loaded with flavour.


Kousa Mahshi

A classic and favourite, Kousa Mahshi is zucchini stuffed with rice. The savoury courgettes are very tasty and will turn out to be one of your favourites when dining in Dubai. Pair it with Lebanese wine for the perfect experience.


Shirin Polo

A popular dish loved for its thick and crispy tahdig top within which you will find basmati rice cooked with chicken, carrots, currants, raisins and nuts. A top vegetarian dish in Dubai, one of the best versions is Shirin Polo with pistachio ice cream and barberries.