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Winner Medical

Winner Medical – Best Wound Care Products Supplier

Winner Medical is one of the largest and leading manufacturer for single use surgical and wound care product based in Shenzhen, China.

Wound Care Products: Our Expertise

Winner Medical stocks a large variety of wound care products produced in our state of the art manufacturing facilities in China. Our complete range of medical supplies includes adhesive bandages, vaseline gauzes, sterile lap sponges, cotton rolls, wound cleansers and more.

You are just a click away from browsing our exclusive range of wound care products. We invite you to thoroughly browse our website or request a consultation with one of our sales representatives. Feel free to reach out to us for any queries or quotations.

Wound Care Products, Accessories Supplier in Shenzhen

Are you looking for high quality Wound Care Products? Winner Medical is one of the well known supplier of Wound Care Accessories, dressing kits, tools etc at affordable prices based in Shenzhen, China.

What To Consider Before Buying Wound Care Products

In clinical terms, a wound can be defined as a sort of a “circumscribed injury” that is primarily caused due to the exertion of external force and leads to damage of the tissues and the body organs.

What To Consider Before Buying Wound Care Products?

Nosocomial, or healthcare infections are one of the most critical problems that health care centers such as clinics and hospitals face on a daily basis. Infections in health care centers are so common that pharmaceutical companies are constantly tonnes of new products to provide better infection prevention solutions, ranging from medical face masks to disinfection products.

8 Lessons Learned from Winner Medical’s Pursuit to Supply Excellent Medical Facilities in China and Beyond

Winner Medical was founded in 1991 with the single aim of serving medical dressing industry. After more than 20 years of hard work, today Winner Medical is the leader in China’s medical consumer goods manufacturing industry.

Know the Best Practices for Wound Care Management

Wound care management is undergoing drastic changes every day. Thanks to the technology and the new discoveries, the wound care industry is no more unscientific and archaic.

10 Questions to Ask Before Buying Your Next Surgical Product?

Wound care Buying any product is tricky and challenging. Market is full of options now a days. It’s tough for any healthcare centers to select the best surgical products. From Scalpel
Scissors, Needle Holder, Haemostats (artery forceps) to Holding the needle, cotton, wound care necessities and heavy machinery and big equipments, there are lot of things which fall in this category.


Do’s and Don'ts That You Must Follow Before Buying any Medical Wound Care Products

Do’s and Don'ts That You Must Follow Before Buying any Medical Wound Care Products

Wound care is often not taken seriously. We get worried about the diseases like cancer and other threats but don’t give too much importance on wound care.

However, if not treated well, wounds and injuries can initiate a trail of life-threatening diseases. One simple way to avoid such risk is to take enough precaution to buy the best wound care product.

Remember the old medical adage, “Prevention is better than cure?”

Wound care highlights the truth mostly. So, here is a list of tips that you better follow before buying wound care products-

Is it outdated: Let’s start with the basics.Wound care solutions take care of injuries and they directly work on your skin. Any outdated product with lost attributes or healing power can do massive harm here. Wound care products deal with sensitive cases and you must not take chances with outdated products.

Have a look at the components: Not all wounds are made equal, neither are all wound care kits. There are injuries where certain components will make your wound more serious. You can prevent such fatal consequences by carefully studying all the components of the product. In the event you do not understand all the components,consult a pharmacist.

Know about the manufacturer:? Have they been providing wound care supplies in your market for long? How good is their track record? It’s always a good strategy to trust the better and credible name. Some basic information about the manufacturer will help you to prevent bitter consequences of using fatal wound care products.

Talk to health care professional: For little injuries, scratches and bruises, we often don’t visit health care professionals and buy any products (bandage, wound care dressing materials,etc) by our own.

When it comes to wounds, which are initially caused by cuts or scrapes, the goal is to minimize the possibility of infection and scarring. Healthcare professionals can help you suggest the right wound care products, be it the bandage or cotton pad- they are the best person to help you.

It’s always better to take their help as deaths caused by wound and injuries are growing by each year.

According to statistics, about 5.8 million people die each year as a result of injuries. This accounts for 10% of the world’s deaths, 32% more than the number of fatalities that result from malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS combined.


Before you acquire wound care products for the first time, talk to a health-care professional such as your doctor or pharmacist to avoid unwanted results.

Check the product: Even after buying, you have to be extra cautious with your wound care products. Please check to see if it smells the same when you use it. In most wound care products, there is a typical fragrance which you can identify. But, if it smells outrageously bad or if you find the product in a substandard condition, do not use it. Always Check the physical appearance of the product, including color, texture, shape- everything,

Are you going for the cheapest option?

The shared statistics clearly show how fatal wounds and injuries can be if not treated well. A quality product gives you the assurance, along with all the customer support and comes at a standard price.

Do you have some skin disease?

If you have been diagnosed with a skin disease, you must consult a doctor before buying any wound care products. Without sufficient checks, you could suffer from severe and/or unusual secondary effects.

We at Winner Medical strive to manufacture and provide the best wound care products. Our products are made by adept and skilled pharmacists. We follow industry standards and respective rules to help our customers heal as quickly as possible. Our research team is always updating our manufacturing team about the latest threats in the wound care science and we're elevating our products to meet all the requirements.

We are aware of the challenges and this is why we are eager to share the latest wound care management tips about with you. We hope it will help you to buy the best wound care products.
What are your biggest challenges in buying wound care products? Please share with us.