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Top 10 Health Benefits of Aqua Aerobics - A Great Way to Stay Fit

Working out in water sounds so much fun and refreshing. It has been proved that this method is as intense as exercising on land and offers equivalent benefits.


Builds a better cardiovascular endurance

Being in cooler water means, the body is trying to balance the internal temperature accordingly. This requires the blood in the body to move at a faster rate to keep the body warm. Therefore, when it is coupled with a strenuous aerobic activity, like swimming, water polo, the overall cardiovascular endurance tends to increase and promote better fitness.


Alleviates joint pain

As opposed to land exercises that usually put a lot of pressure on the joints, water exercises relieve pressure on the joints and helps the healing of wear-and-tear of the cartilages. It is also known to improve the overall bone health. This is even recommended by doctors, especially for those suffering from arthritis and osteoporosis


Burns more calories

The grouping of both strength training and cardio workouts in an equation where there is water-resistance means, every activity or movement, requires one to use a higher force than usual to overcome the resistance. A lot of other factors like the temperature of the water and buoyancy also contribute to the resistance. However, typically, one can burn about 500 calories in an hour. If you are interested in losing weight, consider this. It is noted that many athletes, despite their fields of expertise and training, still undergo water-based aerobics to stay fitter and healthier.


Increases flexibility

Once again, the water-resistance comes into play. Water is a body that is constantly moving in many directions thus requiring one to be able to resist and adjust to every different movement of the water. This naturally, causes the joints to have a better range of motion. This is again, another reason for doctors to recommend water therapy for elderly and arthritic patients.


Stress relief

Exercises, in general, are known to relieve stress. Water exercises are even better stress relievers! Why? Because being in water is a therapeutic experience overall. Not only that, but the movement of water against and over the body is a form of massage and helps relax the body, bringing about a calming effect after an exercise session.


Low-Impact exercise

The buoyancy of the water helps relieve some impact that we tend to put our body through. In other words, in water, the gravity is eliminated. Thus, our body weight is supported making it easier to carry out exercises without feeling fatigue. It is a great idea to incorporate water exercises in between days of strength training to provide the muscles with enough time to repair themselves while still burning calories.


Weight loss

Of course, it comes without saying that, considering all the facts mentioned above, water aerobics is a great way of shedding the extra pounds in a less taxing way to the body. It is also deemed a more enjoyable way to keep yourself fit.


No equipment necessary

At least, no fancy equipment necessary. All you require is a waterbody and you are good to go. Unless of course, you want to engage in water polo in which case you'd need a ball as well. But most of the times, the water aerobics require minimal accessories.


It is popular

There are no limitations with regards to age or skill. Therefore, it is a popular recreational activity as well among friends and family. Be it a beach vacation or a summer vacation in the Maldives, wellness resort is a great idea to take your family or friends for a rewarding experience. Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort is a popular family-friendly spot should you consider a vacation in the Maldives.


It is refreshing

When its summer and the heat seem unbearable, not everyone is motivated to go for a jog or hit the gym. However, taking a dip in the water is certainly alluring. Thus, making it a great cooling exercise.