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Headline for Top 5 Traditional Food in Abu Dhabi – Explore the Culinary Goodness of Abu Dhabi
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Top 5 Traditional Food in Abu Dhabi – Explore the Culinary Goodness of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a land filled with surprises. Even their food is unique and amazing. Here are some of the best traditional food in Abu Dhabi that you must try.


Stuffed camels

This dish has won a Guinness Price for being one of the biggest dishes in the world. A whole camel is served along with 20 chickens, one lamb, fish, boiled eggs and rice. The meat is roasted and coated with sauces and spices. Stuffed camels are usually served at elite family functions and weddings. This dish is considered to be one of the best dishes in the world. Try this at some of the best hotels and resorts in Abu Dhabi such as Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Yamm Villa Resort.


Al Harees

This is an exotic dish made in Abu Dhabi. This is known as a very simple dish with extraordinary cooking techniques. There are only two main ingredients in this dish which are wheat and meat. They are cooked until blended and then buried in a hole with hot coals. The dish is cooked for more than 14 hours. It is usually served at weddings and other special festivals such as Ramadan. Spices are added according to taste. The dish is usually topped with a spoonful of Ghee.



This is a dish which is famous in Abu Dhabi and the rest of Asia. Shawarma is usually made using meats such as chicken or lamb. The meat is roasted or deep fried and mixed with salad leaves, garlic sauce, tomatoes and fries. The filling is then put inside a rolled flatbread. Some restaurants simply put the mixture into a hot dog bun. Shawarma is a little like a kebab. Either it is a small shack down the street or a fancy private pool villa in Abu Dhabi, you are sure to find this snack anywhere you go. Some restaurants serve this dish with a delicious juice made of bananas and strawberries. Don't forget to try this dish because it is the most iconic dish in all of Abu Dhabi.


Al Machboos

This is a very traditional dish in Abu Dhabi. Dried lemon, onion meat and rice are used to make this. All the ingredients are cooked until they are tender. Rice is added later along with salt and spices. The rice is cooked for more than 2 hours. This is a very famous dish in Abu Dhabi. Machboos are often served for dinner. Don't worry about getting your hands dirty because the Al Machboos is best when eaten by hand.



This is a world-famous dish which was originated in the Emirates. There are many different versions of this dish but for the most authentic dish of Hummus, you need to visit Abu Dhabi. The hummus is made using chickpeas, lemon juice, olive oil, tahini paste, garlic and salt. Shawarmas, pita bread and other flatbreads are usually served with hummus. This can be used as an appetizer dip as well.