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Lakeview Dental, LLC

My name is Dr. Shayan Ghodsi and I own and operate Lakeview Dental, LLC. You may have noticed “corporate owned” dental offices are becoming more prominent these days. Some even have different office names for each location, in order not to be perceived as corporately owned. I would like to reassure you that Lakeview Dental is locally owned by me.

Right Way to Whiten and Brighten Your Smile – Lakeview Dental – Medium

When was the last time you felt confident about your smile? If it has been a while then whitening good be a great option for you. Call Lakeview Dental at 561.898.1010 to learn more!

Care for Your Teeth Healthy

Do you have teeth that just won't seem to get white no matter how well you brush? Dental crowns could be a good alternative for you.

Teeth Whitening Can Resolve Deep Stains and Discoloration

Are you looking for a whiter brighter smile? Teeth whitening remains one of the most economical ways to enhance your smile. Get more information visit our website.

Replace Your Missing Tooth With This Affordable Dental Implant

Dental implants are a great alternative to dentures. Dental implants can make your missing teeth feel and function like normal teeth! If you want to learn more give us a call at 561.898.1010.

Preparing Your Child for Pediatric Dentistry - To ensure that your child's teeth stay healthy and strong, schedule professional dental check-ups at Lakeview Dental, LLC!

A Positive Impact Of General Oral Care

The chief area of dental care in general dentistry. Usually, the major focus is offered in ensuring optimal oral hygiene. Dentist evaluates to detect the entire mouth using modern device check for cavities or gum disease so that they can be treated at an early stage. The regular oral checkup is the common step towards keeping up comprehensive dental. They offer general care and a wide range of treatments to maintain the wellness of overall health. Family dentistry spot all type of oral problems for all age group of people. It is a combination of restorative, pediatric and cosmetic dentistry for ensuring complementary oral health.

Teeth Whitening Treatment for a Bright Smile

Is your smile not as bright as it used to be? We offer teeth whitening solutions that can change your natural color! Schedule an appointment today and get started on your brighter smile!

Cosmetic Dentistry - Smile Plays Very Powerful Role

A positive smile can have a powerful outcome on your complete appearance, which is pretty essential for every public. The top-notch cosmetic dentistry helps you to bring back you’re in good physical lifestyle once again. Typically, the minimum movement in smile improvement can make better your self-esteem or self-reliance and thus make you want to smile much more.

Teeth Whitening Treatment For A Flawless Smile

There are many ways to make your teeth appear whiter but you cannot change the actual color of your teeth without having a professional whitening. Visit our website to request an appointment.

Beautiful Smile Can Enhance Your Face

Looking to improve your smile? If you would like a free of charge consultation to improve your smile please call - 561.898.1010 and schedule your appointment today!

Get The Best Impression With A Cosmetic Dental Expert

Selecting the ideal cosmetic dentist who has years of extensive experience in dealing with complex dental problems, and has a gentle approach which complements your wants and requirements to achieve the most successful outcome which is a gorgeous smile.

Right Procedure Can Help You Improve Your Smile

Are you looking for a way to improve your smile? We want to be here for you when you are having dental troubles. Give us a call today at 561.898.1010 to learn about our different services.

Whiten and Brighten Your Smile

Are you are looking for a safe, easy, and inexpensive procedure to brighten your smile? A beautiful smile begins today! We offer tooth whitening services that are very affordable. Please call us on 561.898.1010 for further information.

Explore The Exceptional Working Of A General Dentist

A dentist is the premier health care provider that concerns more about our well being than anyone else. They are committed to establishing smart diagnoses for their patients in stress-free atmosphere assuring comfort.

Getting a Dental Crowns on Your Teeth

Need to improve the appearance of your teeth? Crowns are a great way to restore a tooth or teeth that are broken, cracked or misshaped. Get more information visit here.

Elevate The Quality Of Life With Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Cosmetic dental surgery is devoted to elevating the appearance of dental aesthetics through distinctive procedures.

Improve Your Smile With Professional Dental Services

Looking to improve your dental health? We can help you feel comfortable while our treatment to provide the highest quality of oral health care solution. Call us @ 561.898.1010.

Explore The Advanced Dentistry To Heal Every Teeth Problem

Contrast to traditional dentistry treatments, modern cosmetic dentistry treatments focus more on improving facial appearance of teeth.

Protecting Your Family's Tooth From Decay

Tooth decay happens and for a variety of reasons but that doesn’t mean you have to replace your whole tooth. Dental fillings can be a great way to fix damaged teeth and protect against further damage. Learn more info here.

Top Essential Qualities To Look For In A Cosmetic Dentist

The better oral function gives much confidence while approaching, to expand a quality of smile as well correcting your teeth needs a professional help to make it proper with advanced technologies. It is possible to improve your smile and the person who is in charge to do this makeover is your cosmetic dentist. There are some essential qualities of a good dentist and you must consider them in order to transform your smile.

Dental Smiles For All Your Dental Needs

Do you feel self-conscious about your smile? We can help you get a smile you’ll be eager to show off to the world, just schedule a consultation today!

Fastest Way to a Bright Your Smile

Do you need to brighten your teeth? We providing top quality dental care in a friendly, comfortable center.