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Transmission Electrical Energy Equipment (TEEE)

TEEE’s organization has roots that date back to 1939. Over the years, we have evolved into one of the most versatile, state-of-the-art manufacturers of reactors, inductors, line traps, wire & cable.


Things to Consider Before Signing A Deal with an Electrical Energy Equipment Supplier

The world is growing at its best, not only the population but the number of motor vehicles, commercial complexes, malls, and stadiums is also increasing rapidly. The growth in everything has brought several benefits to many businessmen and manufacturers and one of them are electrical energy manufacturers.

Everything You Didn’t Know About an AC Line Trap

Have you ever wondered how these huge powerhouses are working to provide us the electricity supply 24X7? You must have seen different sized transformers, electricity poles, and other huge electric wireline arrangements.

5 Things You Should Consider While Choosing an Electric Components Manufacturer Company

Maybe you are into a business where you are dealing with electrical wires, components, transfer of electricity and electricity production; you should know what qualities your partners or clients should have.

Seven Things You Should Look At When You Are Looking For Reactors

Whether you need a damping reactor, line traps, filter reactor, current limited reactor or shunt reactor, you should make an informed decision. Choosing the wrong reactors is not only waste of your money but also has adverse impact on the equipment that, in a way, depends on the reactor to perform.

The Essential Use of Reactors in Substations

A reactor is actually a coil with having several turns and much greater ohmic resistance value. Electrical Reactors are typically used to limit the short-circuit currents which can potentially cause damage to some equipment of the power system.

All about Good Quality Reactors and Their Main Functions

In any kind of power plant, reactors are the most common and one of the most important components that take the responsibility for maintaining the smooth flow of electricity and can also improve the power lines’ capacity of transmission.

Air Core Inductor and Its Key Advantages

Air core Inductor is a kind of inductor that does not depend upon a ferromagnetic material to achieve its specified inductance. The inductor has only air inside when it comes to windings upon a different insulator such as bakelite, glass or PTFE etc.

A Detailed Note on the Electrical Essential – Dumping Reactors

Damping reactors are specially designed so that they can be installed in series in association with capacitor bank which is further connected to a shut. They actually limit the inrush currents which are generally occurred during switching, they also limit the outrush currents occurring due to close-in faults.

Resistor Vs Power Reactor: Know Their Pros and Cons

When we talk about limiting faulty current, the most common component used in the power industry is a quality power reactor. It is mainly used for avoiding faults involving high fault currents and impedance. However, for this purpose, there is also another component called as resistor that is quite popular too.

Are Smoothing Reactors Really Important For HVDC Systems?

The smoothing reactor is generally installed on the pole bus in plusmn500 kV HVDC system. It’s often used as ‘in the converter station, half of the smoothing reactance which is required is connected with pole bus while the rest gets connected with the neutral bus. They are typically installed in series in DC systems in order to reduce harmonic currents/transient overcurrents/current ripples.

Electrical Reactors and Their Application & Location in the High-Voltage Power Systems

Normally short-circuits happen on feeders hence, feeder reactors are imperative. More importantly, the utilization of good quality power reactors is vital. Without feeder reactors, if a fault occurs on the closest producing station, the bus bar voltage will be decreased to zero and the associated generators will lose their synchronization.

Nowadays, many people don’t put up too much consideration into their Electrical energy provider, but they surely should. Because the fact is that not all the companies are made equally and the type of company you choose can have a drastic influence on the safety, comfort as well as finances of your home.

The Prominent Types of Reactors, And Their Use in Power System

Reactors are used in large industries where power distribution system is used or large residential projects with independent power transmission lines. Reactors which are also known as power limiting reactors reduce the fault currents – the currents generated due to short circuit in the power distribution system.

Why Line Reactors Are Preferred By Most Engineers?

There are some manufacturers who can provide you with not just the line reactors but also all types of them including grounding reactors, smoothing reactors, damping reactors, current limiting reactors, shunt reactors, and so on. However, it is important to choose a manufacturer who guarantees to provide quality power reactors regardless of the application.

How to Buy Air Core Inductor That Boosts Performance

Air core conductor is an important component used for a wide range of applications – ranging from electric products computer devices, communication equipment to TVs and mobile chargers. The work is air core conductor is to store energy in the form of a magnetic field.

Traits of a Reliable Electrical Energy Equipment Manufacturer

Good quality electrical equipment is necessary for an electricity manufacturing business. Components such as wires, transformers, reactors, etc, are vital in storage and supply of electrical energy. If you also run a power station or an electricity supplying business, you need to make sure the manufacturing company that provides you with equipment is trusted by many and can be considered as a reliable and quality manufacturer.

Four Key Things That You Must Look at Before Buying a Reactor

Reactor is the necessity for a power substation, manufacturing industry, and other similar organizations that often come across situations when power supply tremendously increases all of sudden. The flow of too high voltage can damage your equipment. It is important to monitor voltage, and so having reactors is a good idea.

Know How to Decide the Size and Type of a Smoothing Reactor

A smooth reactor is a type of reactor which is connected serially in high voltage direct current systems in order to reduce or minimize harmonic current, transient current and/or current ripples. It is called so because it smoothens the direct current wave shape to reduce losses and improve overall system performance.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Power Inductor as Per the Application

Inductors are components which are typically used in electrical settings and arrangements and designed to oppose currents that pass through them. They are majorly utilized for analog circuits and signal processing. In SMPS which is short for Switch Mode Power Supply devices, power inductors are generally used as energy storage components.

A Short Note on Toroid, Transformers, and Inductors and Their Utilization

The industry dealing in electrical energy widely uses toroid simply because the toroidal transformers or the power inductors are vital electronic components. Electricity provides us convenience and it must be saved. The electric transformers have the capacity to convert high voltage into low.

The Powerful Role of Energy Trading Industry to Cater To the Rising Need of Electricity!

Electricity is an integral part of today’s life and important to the country’s economy too. We use electricity for several different purposes that range from lighting, cooling, heating and refrigeration to operating equipments like computers, electric appliances, machinery and public transportation systems.

Functioning of the Components Required in Electrical Substations

Substations are huge power stations from where the electrical power is supplied to consumers from power generating stations. Basically, substation includes a variety of electrical substation equipment that helps to manage the storage and appropriate supply of electrical power.

The Importance Of Quality Power, And How To Improve Power Quality

Each electric device has the limited ability to handle the specific amount of voltage. So if these devices receive the voltage beyond their ability, they will break down and start performing poorly. The amount of damage also depends on how long a device is exposed to fault/poor quality voltage.

Searching For Power Inductors?

If you look out for inductors to purchase, you will realize that the market is full of a wide variety of inductors. Due to this, there are different aspects (for instance; performance, size, and cost) which will vary with the type of inductor you are looking for. Also, the built quality, noise-free performance, and durability of the inductors will vary according to the manufacturers.

Lightning Arrestors: What are they and how do they work?

Lightning is considered one of the most intense natural forces which are capable of destroying buildings and unprotected equipment within seconds. In fact, it is responsible for the tremendous damage, worth billions of dollar, each year. So, to protect buildings and equipment from ruthless lightning strikes and storms, lighting arrestors are used.