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Arts in India – Is It a Wise Career Choice | Career Aptitude Test

In recent years, there has been a constant rise in the number of students opting for Arts after 10th. For choosing the right career in arts takes an online Career Counselling now from Career Aptitude Test.

Passion and Profession – a Shortcut on Making the Tastiest Career Cocktail | Career Aptitude Test

In this blog, you will know about career guidance and best career opportunities after pass out your school or college. And you will know about what is the psychrometric test and why it is needed before choosing a career?

The What, Why and How of Aptitude Tests | Career Aptitude Test

Indian student’s forum has seen a recent rise on career assessment tests – these are the formal name of aptitude test… by career test

How to Make the Right Career Choice | Career Aptitude Test

Career is an important source of fulfillment in life and self-discovery is the first step towards your career assessment plan.

Career Aptitude Test In India

An aptitude test is essential for those students who are in class X or class XII for their career guidance.

Online Career Counseling for Career Selection

Carer counseling is a life long process, it started when you were born. Career Aptitude Test has their experts counselors who help students to their career planning.

Psychometric Test |Career Aptitude Test

Psychometric test is a standard and scientific method to measure someone’s mental and behavioral activity. Career Aptitude Test inviting students to take a psychometric test for their career counseling.

Problem in Choosing Career? | Career Aptitude Test

Problem in Choosing Career? go for a career counseling @, one of the leading career counseling institute in Kolkata. Register Now!

Free Career Test | Career Aptitude Test

Psychometric test is a scientifically designed method, which is generally used by the recruiters. This tool mainly used the starting stage of...

Free Career Test | Career Aptitude Test

Choose your career securely by taking an online free psychometric test to ensure your future. For more information, you can contact us directly via email or call.

#1 Career Aptitude Test India | Career Aptitude Test

This scientific assessment test will help you to discover the right career path.
Make better career decisions that fit well with who you really are. Enhance your personal brand – Do what you Love. Our expert career counsellors can give you best guida... - Blog

I.Q., personality, behavioural and psychological assessments have been a part of our life for some time, and now it’s time for us to utilize the aptitude tests. An aptitude test is a calculative system designed by bringing together a set of questionnaires that evaluate your minds capacity and measures rationality and creativity levels, to deduce one or multiple options of careers best suited for your mental build. Utilized as a career planning tool by most of the present world universities and placement institutions, this tool is designed to help you acquire knowledge, develop experience & skills and instill informative insights about the depths of your mind, so that you can earn your rightful place among the society and stop worrying about missing out on a bigger income or greater job-satisfaction opportunity as a result of making a bad career choice.

Career guidance for The Indian Army

In this article, you can explore the various career opportunities in Indian armed forces and more career guidance opportunities.