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Crude Oil Sampling System

This kind of technology is very technical and needs to be operated very carefully. Sampling and analysis system can be customizing according to the need of the projects for good technology to provide the best results

Everything You Need to Know About Sampling and Analysis System – OGSI

Quality is the only thing which matters the most. Better the quality; better the consumption of consumers because the raw material is the same as used by other firms such as crude oil. You might not get a true result for crude oil sampling system otherwise.

What are the Requirement for Perfect Sampling System?

If you are looking for perfect jiskoot sampling system, then you must consider these 3 requirements, Standard compliance sampling control, Proper designing of the system, Proper flow meter.

OGSI announces 6 steps which must follow for representative sampling as per international sampling standards. This process includes the standards that need to be followed by each company to get an accurate analysis.

  1. Area of the Sampling System
  2. Mixing and Dispersion
  3. 0Representative Sampling
  4. Representative Sampling
  5. Laboratory Analysis
  6. Proving Performance

To get an accurate test sample of Crude oil, then these sampling standards must be followed.

  • The position of the sampling system
  • Mixing and dispersion:
  • Correct sampling
  • Handling and mixing
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Proving the performance of the sampling system

The main challenge is its designing phase to let control fluid transfer and help to make the process smooth. OGSI is one of the best oil and gas equipment manufacturing company to provide equipments like custody transfer metering system, crude oil sampling system, nitrogen generators and many more.


Automatic Sampling System – The Most Effective Solution

Automatic Sampling System – The Most Effective Solution

In-line or Insertion type Automatic oil sampling system is considered to be the most cost effective solution in cases when analyzers are not required per project specification. OGSI provides special kind attention to sample conditioning and environmental protection of analysis equipment.

Necessity of Automatic Oil Sampling System

The automatic oil sampling system automates the process of sampling with accurate flow of sample. It makes sure to get samples reliable, reduce waste, cost and downtime.

Get accurate Quality Analysis by Fast Loop Sampling System

A fast-loop sampling system has major advantages is to measurement systems are in 24×7 continuous operation. OGSI provide a complete range of Sampling and Analysis systems like fast loop sampling system, crude oil sampling system, and jiskoot sampling system for better accuracy.

Sampling systems are used to extract a representative sample from time to time from a flowing stream of fluid. Pneumatic cell sampler is designed in such a way that the connection can be facilitated in a fast low loop from the pipeline which is required to be sampled. Pneumatic sampler or crude oil insertion sampler offer the highest level of precision and are highly durable, fast loop, higher reliability and also the system integrity can be achieved.

All the surge relief systems designed and supplied by OGSI include the essential features like Quick opening, Non-Slam capability, High capacity.

Uses of Fast Loop Sampling System and Crude Oil Sampling System in Oil Refineries

Fast loop is considered as most a trustable sampling system to assure accuracy in oil refineries and crude oil sampling system is best for laboratories to get correct data with confidence.

Source - Improving Sampling Accuracy in Crude Oil Refineries

Cost Effective Crude Oil Sampling System

OGSI gives special attention to manufacture a crude oil sampling system for environmental protection of analysis equipment. Our sampling and quality skids provide precise real-time measurement of all main hydrocarbon parameters, both for natural gas, crude oil and refined hydrocarbon products.

Sampling is a crucial stage to know the quality of product. OGSI's Fast loop sampling system helps to get sample safe and consistent this is most suitable for crude oil, condensate or refined hydrocarbon products.

Accurate Crude Oil Sampling System

Crude oil sampling system is designed to determine the quality of oil. OGSI provides sampling and quality skids to get precise real-time measurement for natural gas, crude oil and refined hydrocarbon products.

Fiscal metering is an essential part of oil trade to provide accuracy, oil and gas systems international (OGSI) has launched sampling analysis systems to provide faster and accurate result with low maintenance.

OGSI is one of the leading manufacturer of crude oil sampling systems. Their Sampling and Analyzer Skid mostly depends on the project specification and perfectly apt for condensate or hydrocarbon products.

Types of Sampling Systems – OGSI

Sampling is a critical and essential step in the oil & gas industry. According to the standard API MPMS 8.2, there are two major sampling methods named Automatic oil sampling system, Fast Loop Sampling System. Various Sampling systems including a fast loop sampling systems are designed to provide critical information about hydrocarbon products such as crude oil, refined products, condensate, and Intermediate products.

Jiskoot automatic oil sampling system is useful to achieve accurate sampling of several hydrocarbon products such as crude oil, refined products, and condensate and intermediate products.