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Updated by Pam Dent on Oct 29, 2018
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9 Tips to Sell Your Central Virginia Home Faster

If you’ve decided to sell your Central Virginia horse farm, you’re probably excited to move out and buy a new home. There’s just one thing that’s holding you back from doing so, and that is you need to sell your equine property fast!


1. Secure the help of a professional, licensed Realtor® specializing in horse farms.

Before you do anything else, find a reputable agent who knows how and is experienced in marketing equine properties. You need someone like me, Pam Dent.

As a long time resident of Charlottesville, a horse farm owner, and a former horse trainer, I know how to price your property right. I can market your property successfully. I also have a large network of people who will be interested to buy your farm.


2. Price it right.

Your property’s price is critical. It determines whether you’ll attract buyers or scare them off.

Pricing a property right will place your horse farm in the buyer’s radar. Pricing it too high will turn them off, which will lead to your home staying on the market for a long time.

According to NAR Real Estate 2017 Report, about 88% of buyers search online to look for properties to buy. Since most information is available online, it’s easy for buyers to know if you’re overpriced the property. When buyers see that your horse farm is priced at its market value, they will more likely consider it as a good buy.


3. Boost curb appeal.

Buyers first see your property from outside the fence, so boosting the curb appeal is an essential step you need to tackle when you decide to sell. The buyer’s first impression is important, so you have to ensure your property is appealing and impressive.

Some things you can do include:

Keeping the visible areas neatly trimmed
Cleaning everything, from the yard to the barn, the paddocks, the stables, and the house
Putting all the tools and clutter away


4. Repair the fence lines.

Before you put your Central Virginia equestrian property for sale, make sure to check the condition of your fence lines. Depending on the style and age, you may need to repair or repaint them. Parts that are in poor condition should be replaced.

Fences that can be seen from the road and driveway should be cleaned and painted because they are part of your property’s curb appeal.


5. Repair and repaint the barn and stables.

Buyers prefer ready-to-use barns, so make sure to fix any minor issues like broken or missing windows, broken locks, and sagging gutters. You can also give your barn a fresh coat of paint to make it look new and inviting.


6. Set up the arena

If you have an arena, make sure that it is muck-free and in good condition. You can also set up a few jumps to make it look more attractive.

If you don’t have an arena, you should seriously consider getting one. Horse enthusiasts love trail rides, but they also enjoy using the arena, especially those who are serious competitors.


7. Repaint the house.

Although most buyers focus on the land, the barn, the stable, and other exterior properties, ensuring that the house is attractive paves the way for a quicker sale.

Repainting the home’s interior and exterior lift the house’s look and make it more appealing.


8. Deep clean and declutter.

Like with any other homes for sale, you need your home’s interior to look bigger and brighter. You can achieve this by disposing of anything you don’t use, and renting a storage space where you can put most of your belongings.

Deep cleaning makes the house look super clean and sparkling. It also removes any lingering smell and makes your home look more inviting, which buyers love.


9. Clear any disputes.

Before you put your horse farm for sale, make sure that you clear any disputes, whether it is regarding property or tenancy. Make sure that your staff knows you are selling, and that everyone agrees with it. Resolve any concerns before proceeding with the sale, so that when prospective buyers come, the staff is accommodating and ready to help.

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