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Resources to help you master Essay Writing

Writing the best essay can sometimes be cumbersome. Here are some useful articles you that can help you write the perfect essay.

How to write a Personal Essay - Wizard Papers

If you are stuck with your personal essay writing assignment then you must know first what is expected from a personal essay, and how it’s prepared. A personal essay is a long essay, and it circulates around a topic, which is generally about a famous personality, a famous event, your own life and experiences about something, and any such important thing which can be elaborated with many points and facts and happenings etc. While writing such an essay, the writer has to fully go to that event or time period, situation etc., and then narrate it. And this requires research, understanding, and the power of smooth and engaging narration of the event or happenings.

How to Write Compare And Contrast Essay - Wizard Papers

Essays in schools are mainly of the comparison and contrast type. This format of essay deals with comparison of two things, topics, items, topics etc. The objective of such essays is to compare between the two and then list the similarities and dissimilarities between the two, and discuss those in details. If the essay is meant to be only a comparison essay then only the similarities will be the point of discussion. And if the essay is meant to be only a contrasting essay, then only the differences will be discussed. And if the essay is a combination of both types, then both similarities and differences will be discussed equally or as applicable.

How to write a winning scholarship essay - Wizard Papers

A scholarship essay means an essay of the top grade which will give you the best exposure as the writer on the subject, and establish your skill and knowhow and presentation so good that you can become eligible for a scholarship for that essay.

How to write an "A"- level essay : Expert tips- Wizard Papers

Write college "A"- level essay easily and effortlessly. Some of the tips are given below: Know the subject,Plan essay effectively...

different types of essays - Examples and definations

The four types of essays: Narrative Essays: Telling a Story, Descriptive Essays: Painting a Picture, Expository Essays: Just the Facts...

Essay formats & everything students should know - Wizard Papers

Students need to know the different essay formats (structures). This way, a successful essay can be drafted, irrespective of its purpose.Below are steps...

How to write a top-notch Persuasive Speech - Wizard Papers

A persuasive speech uses reason to demonstrate that certain ideas are more valid than others in academic writing. The purpose of ...

Rogerian Essay Writing Tips : Definition and Structure - Wizard Papers

A Rogerian essay assumes the features of any other essay but is exceptional in the idea of debate.It focuses on trying to work out the main arguments of ..

How to write Satire Essay- Complete Guide - Wizard Papers

In the course of their study, students are compelled to write various types of essays. Satirical essay, like any other type of article, requires specific skills for the writer because it can pose a significant challenge. This genre of writing is highly based on people and their lives. The primary requirements for writing a mind-blowing satirical essay is humor and excellent writing skills. Satirical articles involve using real-life examples, but t is advisable to avoid hurting human feelings or violating their rights. This writing guide is well drafted to help you in writing an influential satirical essay… it offers you a step-by-step guideline on how to go about developing this essay.

APA style format from A-Z -Citation Styles and References - Wizard Papers

There are ways to present the essay in APA style format. The chief concern of the essay is surely the referencing aspects of it. Each set of your...