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Updated by Clix Capital on May 14, 2020
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Personal Loan

Here are some personal loan rates and other costs of the top private and public sector banks in India.


If you are a part of the majority people who have difficulty paying for an emergency out of pockets, consider availing instant personal loans.

Apply for Student Loans Online: Instant Personal Loans for Education - Clix Capital

We provide instant approvals on Personal Loan for Education with a quick process. Get easy and quick personal loan for your studies from Clix Capital.

Top Reasons for Home Loan Rejection

With the tenure being as long as 30 years, home loans are a long-term commitment with the lenders that demand a stable repaying capacity. Due to this reason, financiers usually run a thorough checking on various factors before approving the loan for an individual.

Loan for Mobiles | Get Instant Mobile Loans for latest smartphones | Clix Capital

Get quick loan approvals for iPhone, Samsung, HTC and other latest smartphones. We specialize in instant mobile loans. Apply today for affordable smartphone loans at Clix Capital.

Personal Loan for Marriage | Instant Wedding Loans from Clix Capital

Want to plan your marriage without any financial constraint? Your ideal wedding is just a loan away! Clix Capital offers instant marriage Loans to help people fulfill their wedding plans. Apply now!

How Personal Loans can help in an emergency

Personal Loans can help you tide over unforeseen emergencies in life. The post describes in detail how to make use of Personal Loans in such situations.

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How you can attain a quick yet simple mobile loan. Well, don’t worry – there are several financial institutions.

Personal Loan for Medical Emergency: Apply Loan for Medical Expenses from Clix Capital

Don’t let financial constraints come in the way of you and your family’s medical needs. Apply for fast Medical Emergency loan from Clix.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Applying for Home Loans - Clix Capital

Everyone desires to have a home that they can call their own, isn't it? To make it easier for the masses to achieve this dream, home loans have emerged and have become fairly popular in recent times. However, it is essential to be well-informed about the whole procedure to avoid making any mistakes. Here are a few things that one should keep in mind before applying for a home loan

Why two-wheeler finance is becoming popular with masses! - Whazzup-U

Owing a two wheeler doesn't have to be a dream anymore, thanks to two wheeler finance. Clix Capital is one of the leading digital NBFC that provides loans with a hassle-free process and minimal documentation.

Personal loans and where to use them efficiently.

Know why personal loans in India are considered to be most valuable to a person facing an emergency, be it medical bills, car repairs, or even job loss.

Loan against Property: Apply for Mortgage Loans | Clix Capital

Get loans against property at lower interest rates from Clix Capital. We offer hassle-free mortgage loans to make your dreams come true. Apply online now!

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The best destinations in the world are, more often than not, expensive. Unless you have a huge pile of travel points, you would need to pay extremely highly for lodging and airfare. And if you are currently not that much financial strong then its better to take a online holiday loan from clix Capital.

Some major benefits of online personal loan calculator

Having a clear idea about EMI is always a wise option before turning to a personal loan. By using a personal loan interest calculator, one can manage the monthly budget accordingly.

Follow these tips to plan your wedding with online wedding loan

Wedding loans are kind of unsecured loans that an eligible candidate can take out to pay for a wedding ceremony or reception. A marriage loan is widely used to cover the costs of a wedding.

Get a hassle-free two wheeler loan in India from Clix Capital

Tired of waiting for the bus? Fed up of paying surge fares each time you book a cab? You should probably consider availing two-wheeler finance! Two-wheelers can be super convenient for the following reasons: They help you save a lot of time that would otherwise have been spent in traffic
They’re ...

6 reasons to purchase a two-wheeler with a personal loan

In the current scenario, having a vehicle is more of a necessity than a luxury. Commuting through public transport or paying surge fees for each time you book a cab can turn out to be a hassle. Two-wheelers are really convenient as they help save a lot of time that would otherwise have been spent in traffic. Also, they are more economical to run, insure and easy to get financing. Two-wheeler loans are a great option as they come with convenience and a possibility of faster finance.  

Everything You Need to Know about two-wheeler loan in India

In recent times, a two-wheeler has become an indispensable and most preferred mode of transport. With the growing hassle of commuting in and around the city, a two-wheeler becomes an important commodity.

Gaze at all the snowy landscapes you wish to see with a personal loan!

Snow-capped peaks, vast white landscapes, beautiful snowfalls – these are some of the sights that one just cannot afford to miss in their lifetime. Many exotic places all over the world provide you with the opportunity to witness these beautiful sights. Whether it might be the serene beauty of Europe or the snowfalls in North America, one thing is for sure – these snowy landscapes cannot be missed out on!

Why you should calculate your EMIs before taking a loan

Going to buy a house? Want to get a car? Planning to start a business? The need for a financing source is universal across all these requirements. There are many avenues of funding available for you to meet these requirements. However, keep in mind that your savings might not be enough or readily available to meet these needs and borrowing from family or friends will either put them in a tight spot or is something you’d prefer to avoid. Thus, these financing avenues become largely inaccessible as a result. However, there’s one convenient source of funding that will always be available to you – taking a loan.

Finance your dream wedding with a personal loan!

A wedding is a special moment for everyone involved. It’s a grand occasion to celebrate the sacred act of marriage, providing long-lasting memories. If you have the hefty responsibility of planning out a wedding, then it’s highly recommended that you map out all the expenditure involved beforehand.

How taking a personal loan can boost your credit score?

Personal loans are a great solution for all the uncertainties and emergencies in one’s life. It also helps to enhance credit score and doesn’t affect personal cash flow.

Want to take a personal loan? Look no further than Clix Capital

According to a report by TransUnion, the FinTech Revolution has accelerated the expansion of the Indian consumer credit market – namely, in the unsecured lending categories of credit cards, personal loans, and consumer durable loans. In terms of numbers, these categories grew by a whopping 31.8% in Q4 2018 – a figure that is bound to grow over the course of this year with the increasing prominence of various lines of credit.

Business Loan, Get Unsecured Business Loans

Planning to expand your business? Do it now with Clix Capital's instant business loan! Avail hassle-free business loan with minimal documentation.

Apply for an Instant Personal Loan Online to Fund your Wedding

Personal loan for a wedding comes as a helping hand in those times when the funds are not sufficient to plan a wedding even after going on a tight budget.