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Wastewater Treatment Plant | Praj Industrial Water Treatment Systems

Praj is an ace of the most recent wastewater treatment and reusing advances like biomethanation, recycling, reuse, and zero fluid release.

Grain Based Ethanol and its Growth in India

Grain based ethanol is used for the production of white spirits such as gin and vodka but also as a base for a wide range of flavoured alcoholic beverages. It is a colorless liquid addressed as a ‘neutral spirit’ i.e. bereft of added flavor. The chemical composition of C2H5OH makes it a flammable liquid.

Role of Zero Liquid Discharge System in Waste Water Treatment by Praj Industries - Issuu

Zero Liquid Discharge System is being focussed by municipalities, governments and companies. Zero Liquid Discharge or ZLD is widely used for industrial wastewater treatment that helps to decrease the waste quantity & recover fresh water for reuse.

Enfinity Technology - The Latest Headway in Biofuel Technology Solutions by Praj Industries - Issuu

While initiatives are being taken at different levels, the introduction of one of the latest technologies Enfinity is the breakthrough that is likely to take the bio-refinery sector by storm. Enfinity is the brainchild of Praj Industries which is on...

India’s Leap Towards Eco-Friendly Ethanol Production: Enfinity Technology - The Latest Headway in Biofuel Technology ...

It's no secret that the world today is yearning for renewable energy sources that can combat issues like harmful emissions, depleting...

Praj is a globally leading company with a bouquet of sustainable solutions for bioenergy, ethanol plant manufactures, breweries & industrial wastewater treatment.

The Role of Bio-Fuels in Promoting Circular Bio-Economy in India | Praj Industries

This is where Bioethanol production can make a significant difference.
Blended fuel substantially reduces CO2 emissions along with other harmful gases.

Ethanol Manufacturers Worldwide Look Beyond Corn to Produce Ethanol

Praj has been working on consistently developing the bioethanol production technology since the past 35 years. This technology is fueling 100% of ethanol in Columbia and more than 60% production in Thailand. It is working towards a circular bio-economy through its cellulosic ethanol technology: ‘Enfinity’.

Amol Sheth talks at AIDA on Praj 2nd Gen Ethanol Tech 'Enfinity'

The biomass to biofuel technology project by Praj called ‘Enfinity’ is aimed at reducing carbon footprints and popularising sustainable technology into the mainstream. It involves 2nd generation bioethanol plant using Agri-based feedstocks.

Praj Fermentation Process Plant | Ethanol Formation Using Fermentation

Fermentation process at the Praj Effluent treatment plant is carried out by combining yeast and feedstock to form ethanol.

Dr. M Kulkarni talks at AIDA on 2nd Gen Ethanol & Zero Spent Wash

Praj is one of the few companies in the world to successfully develop and demonstrate second generation ethanol production using agri-residue.

Highest Export Award for Praj Kandla Unit on KASEZ Foundation Day

Praj has demonstrated capabilities wherein it supplies critical process equipment & skids to a number of domestic and global players. Praj employs around 1200 professionals in India and overseas from various engineering and other disciplines.

Praj Signs Agreement With Gevo to Commercialise Isobutanol Tech

Praj has carved a unique position in the world of ethanol technology by virtue of its expertise which cuts across a variety of sugar to starch-based feedstock, collectively called as 1st generation feedstock. Praj is one of the few companies in the world to successfully develop and demonstrate second generation ethanol production using agri-residue.

Praj Charts the May 2019 Edition of Asia One Magazine

Praj has established itself as a global name in Bioethanol plant supplier, Critical Process equipment & skids, and Brewery plants. More info visit:-

Praj Achieves New Safety Milestone -Achieves 43,552 Safe Manhours

Praj was recently awarded the prestigious “CHEMTECH CEW Leadership and Excellence Award 2019” for their work for their bioenergy plant and other innovative engineering solutions towards sustainable bio-economy.

Mr. Shishir Joshipura to Chair the Sub-Committee on Environmental Sustainability of CII Western Region

Praj has always stood by its principles of environmental sustainability in everything it does – starting with its business lines which includes Bioenergy plant, High Purity Systems, Critical Process Equipment & Systems, Skids Engineering, Brewery Plants, and Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems, in order to mitigate and reverse the negative impact on the environment.

Praj Ranks 8th Among the 50 Hottest Companies in Advanced Bio-Economy 2019 | Praj Industries

Biofuel digest is a leading US-based global publication house. Every year the Biofuels Digest releases the list of “Top 50 Hottest Companies in Advanced Bio-Economy” globally. This year marks a remarkable rise in rank for Praj ethanol industry from last year’s 34th position.

My Vision for India’s Industrial Water Sector

Praj has helped a large chemical industry bring down their fresh water consumption by almost 70%. starting from the planning stage, it was done by integrating the customer’s wastewater treatment plant into their overall project.

Tax Reforms in The Corporate Sector and Indian Economy

From beginning as supplier of ethanol plant & bioethanol production technology, Praj today has grown out to become a globally leading company with a bouquet of sustainable solutions for bioenergy, high purity water, critical process equipment, breweries and wastewater treatment.