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5 Reasons Why Adelaide is a Must Visit in Australia – The Attractions of an Enthralling City

Adelaide is one of Australia's attractive and popular destinations. There are a number of reasons why you should visit this captivating city which offers a memorable experience for visitors, like those below.


The chance to swim with dolphins

If you love interesting sea creatures in general and marine mammals in particular, make sure to take the opportunity to swim with dolphins in the waters near Adelaide. This part of Australia is renowned for its distinctive attractions and this opportunity is sure to capture the imagination of the discerning visitor. Although it is possible to observe dolphins in other parts of the nation, it is only possible to swim with them in South Australia. You will find a number of companies which offer enjoyable dolphin watching tours that will take you to these endearing marine mammals.


The opportunities to experience the German heritage

Many people from the nation of Germany regularly visit Australia. This is due to the fact that many Germans choose to spend their winter vacation period in the southern hemisphere, particularly Australia, in the season when their native country is cold and chilly. The village of Hahndorf, situated in proximity to Adelaide, is maintained as a traditional German village. Accordingly, in this village, you will have the opportunity to admire the charming German rustic heritage and view the local attractions. You will also have the chance to savour many delectable foods at this one of a kind cultural highlight.


Being able to cuddle a koala

Australia is renowned for its distinctive wildlife, which includes the endearing koalas. Whilst you will be able to view plenty of koalas in many different parts of the nation, it is only in South Australia that you can actually cuddle them, as this practice is prohibited in other parts of Australia. Accordingly, Adelaide's Cleland Wildlife Park is amongst the few places at which you will have the opportunity to cuddle one of these endearing creatures. At Cleland Wildlife Park in addition to koalas, you will also be able to observe other native animals like various other marsupials including kangaroos as well as emus and other creatures.


To observe the spectacular sunrise as well as sunset

Adelaide offers a host of locations where you will have the opportunity to experience stunning sunrises and sunsets. If you are visiting Adelaide with your loved one you will find plenty of opportunities for romance in this city as you experience the sunrise or sunset with your partner. Places, where you will have the chance to view sensational sunrises and sunsets, include Glenelg Jetty, Windy Point Lookout and Henley Beach. Meanwhile, for secluded intimacy, an appealing place would be Largs Bay, a seldom visited locality. A choice of accommodation in Glenelg to consider from which Glenelg Jetty would be within easy reach would be Oaks Plaza Pier.


To experience the amazing street art

Generally, Australia has acquired a reputation as an excellent place for art lovers, with the city of Adelaide not being any different. You will see that in this city, street art is very much thriving, with exciting new works regularly coming up here. If you choose to experience Adelaide's street art you are in for a treat as you will encounter many outstanding examples of this form of art in the city. You will find splendid street artworks in many places including the CBD and the suburbs, as well as in more unexpected places like street corners, barber shops, the fencing of the Adelaide Zoo, industrial buildings and construction sites.

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