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Pragati Leadership

Executive Leadership - Pragati Leadership

Executive leadership program will train leaders to deal with the growing VUCA environment. It will help to define and achieve strategic goals needed for a business.

Organizational Transformation, Organizational Change

We create development paths that enable team alignment to achieve their full potential and ensure companies realize a performance return from their investment and team building.

How Do You Know Your Leaders are Ready and Capable?

It's about building agility and strategic mindsets, using executive coaching, developing big picture thinking & encouraging creative problem solving to inspire workplaces.

Leading Leadership Training Company in India - Pragati Leadership

Pragati Leadership is a leading leadership training company in India. Over the years, we have successfully created own niche in leadership training programs with a unique approach in team alignment and team building.

Executive Coaching / Training - Pragati Leadership

Pragati Leadership's top executive coaching programs designed in such a way to gain a vision and develop essential leadership skills. This Executive Coaching will enable you to develop attitudes and learn advanced techniques.

Freedom at Workplace! - Pragati Leadership

We spend most of our awake time at work, freedom at work would be a very important part of the liberation we desire. Great leaders take the effort to show the context and meaning to the work done by thousands of people for organizational transformation.

Big Picture Thinking in Leadership Development Training- Pragati Leadership

Big Picture Thinking in leadership involves looking at life from a broader perspective. The big picture thinkers stay ahead of the competition. Big picture thinking in leaders shows us the connections between different parts of the organisation system. They are idea generators.

She Is The Real Shero | International Women's Day | Pragati Leadership

International Women's Day is a day to remember and celebrate the contribution of women in nation-building and create a humane world. They are highly active in conducting executive coaching and leadership programs in India and are more popular than men in the corporate training sector.

The Role of Leaders in Creating Happiness - Pragati Leadership

Sometimes all it takes is emphatic listening. Simple as it might sound, it is quite another thing to practice and find ways to alleviate people from their current paradigms. Genuine executive coaching conversations can help break these barriers. Excellence is a hallmark of Joy! Focus on creating joyful and meaningful workplaces can be potential enablers in creating excellence without compromising on the focus to produce. Big picture thinking meshes the ability to take people along and getting results. They are indistinguishable. You are then poised for a huge leap and true organizational transformation. But it all begins with you!

Why Health Should be Priority for Leaders | Organizational Transformation

What can the leader do to address an organizational transformation? As leaders, we lead by example in executive coaching sessions, project discussions.

Leaders can create awareness on the importance of various elements in our diet which impacts good health of all and good health of organization. Rest / Sleep is another very important aspect. It should be encouraged and attention must be drawn to proper and sufficient sleep. For e.g.: 5 min rest after lunch can be made mandatory at a scheduled time.

To become a Wholesome Leader, invoke the power of ‘Shakti’ within you! - Pragati Leadership

These are complex times. Uncertainties abound and change has become a veritable norm. We’re swamped with data and analytics and yet, ironically, decision-making and hence leadership has become more complex. And complex times demand complete, Wholesome Leaders, don’t they? Gone are the days when a sharp mind that could access data, crunch numbers and decipher patterns from it, in order to make purportedly logical decisions, was considered a good leader. Today that same left-brained, logic-data driven leader, who was risk-averse, will be seen as a Partial Leader, unfit for these times!

Can Leadership Be Taught? - Pragati Leadership

There’s a growing myth that leadership development programs don’t work. Explore this blog to know what should be the right approach to create a healthy pipeline of leaders?

Women and Emotional Stability - Pragati Leadership

Women have an important opportunity for creating added value and building workplaces where people thrive. Women play an important part in organizational transformation. Visit Pragati Leadership to know more.

The Pragati Leadership Story

Who we are? Why we do what we do? And how we do it? Most importantly, why you should choose Pragati Leadership for leadership programs in India to develop talent in your organization in alignment with your strategic business goals…. this film provides answers to all of these and more. Happy viewing! To find out about organizational transformation and more about us, drop by at our website To align your L&D agenda with your business goals and to experience transformation first-hand, send an email to

Role of CEO in Learning & Development | Organizational Transformation

If an Organization has such a clear mapping, the Leadership of CEO is clear and confident that the L&D investments are worth for organizational transformation and are directly contributing to business success. Click on ROLE OF CEO IN LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT to know more.

Pragati Leadership Anthem

Pragati Leadership Anthem is one of the most important initiatives that binds Pragati Leadership with the organization. The music and lyrics tell about the culture and values of the organization. - Pragati Leadership is a leading leadership training company in India.


Freedom at Workplace! | Organizational Transformation | Pragati Leadership

Human beings love to feel respected. With the slightest sense of disrespect, people can feel demotivated and not part of the workplace. This leads to a sense of insecurity and significant disengagement. Leaders have a huge responsibility here. To disagree or not be happy about someone’s work is ok, but if done respectfully it can help people feel free and continue with the same zeal and enthusiasm which the leaders want in the first place which leads to organizational transformation.

Leading, Facilitating, Selling – It’s all One

As an entrepreneur leading a leadership programs in India company, I meet many excellent facilitators and consultants who often complain to each other, "I'm just not into marketing and business development.


Pragati Leadership's leadership training to develop future-ready leaders

Pragati Leadership supports organizations that develop future-ready leaders who catalyse change across teams, businesses, society and the planet at large.
Our belief is that people are at the heart of every organization and it is they who drive the business forward by building the organization’s strategy and driving operational efficiencies.
For over 30 years we have worked with more than 800 organizations to transform leaders and build sustainable businesses by combining the result-oriented thinking of the west with the mindfulness and spirituality of the east.

Visit our various platforms like leadership training, first time manager training, first time manager training and many more.

First Time Manager Training | First Time Leader | Pragati Leadership

Why First Time Manager Training Program by Pragati Leadership?

Taking the first step into leadership is a crucial yet challenging juncture in an individual’s career. The change involves transforming the mindset and gaining the skills and knowledge to fulfil the needs of the new role.

Visit Pragati Leadership - the leading leadership training provider in India to enquire.

Difference between Coaching and Consulting | Organizational Transformation

Read on to know what is the difference between executive coaching and consulting for organizational transformation. Call us at +91 9049000534 or 020 66462900 to know about our top leadership development programs.


At Pragati Leadership we combine the result-oriented thinking of the west with the mindfulness and spirituality of th...

At Pragati Leadership we combine the result-oriented thinking of the west with the mindfulness and spirituality of th...

Our highly qualified facilitators, consultants and executive coaches with valuable hands-on corporate work experience to draw upon. Our team includes several former CxOs and has conducted thousands of programs for a varied set of organizations with many different challenges in the space of Leadership training, Building Collaboration and Organisational Transformation

Leaders as Teachers | Organizational Transformation | Pragati Leadership

We are living in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) World where Leaders need to deal with adversities every now and then for organizational transformation. A Leader as a Teacher acts as a catalyst in developing Leaders for the dynamic world.
Visit Pragati Leadership for top leadership development programs in India.


Leadership Training in India - Pragati Leadership

Leadership Training in India - Pragati Leadership

Pragati Leadership's Mission
To be a trusted partner in an organization’s journey to ‘wholesomeness’ through delivery of high impact solutions in the area of:

  • Developing wholesome leaders through leadership training
  • Building collaborative work practices
  • Catalyzing Organisational Development through people, processes and practices
Hear Arun Wakhlu talk about Wholesome Leadership

Arun Wakhlu, Legendary Visionary, Executive Chairman Pragati Leadership Institute, having 30 years of experience, working with industry heads and global leaders, taking the world by storm, and sharing the wisdom of Wholesomeness!

Pragati Leadership’s Vision - ONE WHOLESOME WORLD - Inspiring a movement of Wholesome Leadership in the world so that people, including us, can lead more fulfilled lives.

Pragati Leadership is the leading leadership training company in India.

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