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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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6 Street Foods That You Should Try in Colombo - Must haves for the foodie

Are you a travelling foodie? Check out these local delicacies when roaming around the bustling city of Colombo!


Isso Wade

Are you a seafood lover? Then you must try out this Wade topped with fried seafood. Vendor carts and shops serve these spicy wades with either prawns, crabs or both mixed together. Sitting on the benches in Galle Face, looking over the waves and nibbling on an Isso Wade while watching the sun set over the horizon is one of the favourite ways the locals like to spend their evenings in Colombo.



Kottu Rotti is a must try if you are strolling around the city. This dish is a combination of thin slices of godhamba rotti, eggs, vegetables, meat and a heaping of spicy chilli paste on the side. You can find kothu is many varieties here. Be it chicken or fish or any other meat, with or without cheese, spicy or normal, anything you want in a Kottu, you will be able to find it in Colombo. Kottu is made up of shredded paratha roti that is combined with egg, stir-fried vegetables and a meat or fish of your choice. Preparation of the dish is quite an art as you watch the cook's slice and dice all ingredients into a delicious blend. The sound of the cleavers chopping up the ingredients is quite an experience and always associated with the art of kottu making.



Achcharu seems to be everyone's favourite dish in terms of Lankan street cuisine. Try out these mouth-watering delicacies in the streets of Colombo and in Galle Face Green which is situated in close proximity to many hotels in Colombo the likes of The Kingsbury Hotel. Many locals fondly remember their school days when they spot achcharu stands. Veralu achcharu is the most popular type amongst it all is a definite must attempt if you want to be seen as a proper foodie who explored the street foods of Colombo.


Pol Rotti

Sri Lankans make rotti in unique ways and one of the best and most delicious of these is to try it out with lunu miris or a spicy meat curry. The rotti is made with flour and coconut sprinkles and to accompany this flavour, the spicy sides are the way to go.



Samosa is not a part of the Lankan cuisine but loved by many around the country and it can be found in every nook and cranny around the streets of Colombo and suburbs. This wonderful snack tastes quite well when it's stuffed with spicy beef or mutton paste or a vegetable filling.


Lunch meals

Due to the diverse cultures and ethnic groups in Sri Lanka, a luncheon meal can vary quite drastically. Colombo is home to a marvellous blend of restaurants that cater to individuals craving for meals from each ethnic group. There are the Tamil Vegetarian restaurants, Muslim halal eateries, Sinhala rice and curry joints and even delis offering you a daily fix of freshly made sandwiches, pasta and more. A typical lunch menu in Colombo could comprise of rice and curry, biriyani, thosai, coconut sambal, dhal curries, fish and chicken curries, lampraise and many more delicious dishes.

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