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Headline for Top Unforgettable Adventures in the Mackay Region – Splendid Diversions for the Leisure Seeker
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Top Unforgettable Adventures in the Mackay Region – Splendid Diversions for the Leisure Seeker

The Mackay region is always an interesting area to visit, offering a host of attractions for the intrepid traveller. You will also have the opportunity to experience some unforgettable adventures in this region, like those below.


Birdwatching in Dysart

If you are a committed birdwatcher or just a person with an interest in birds, take the opportunity to go birdwatching in the environs of the town of Dysart. As you will find a number of different habitats in the vicinity of this town, it is not surprising that you will find a diverse selection of avian species here. You will be able to listen to the calls of different birds and observe them through a pair of binoculars. Observing the local bird life will also provide you with an understanding and an appreciation of the necessity to conserve the fragile ecosystems. Emus, cockatoos, galahs and honeyeaters are some of the birds to be spotted here.


Exploring Blue Mountain Park

If you are visiting the Mackay region and love the outdoors you should undoubtedly visit the beautiful Blue Mountain Park which is sure to capture the imagination of the nature lover. This park will be a great setting for a family barbecue amidst the splendour of nature; you will have the opportunity to experience stunning views over the adjoining areas. If you visit this park on an evening you will have the chance to observe wallabies foraging within the park. Another highlight here is the splendid birdlife, as you will be able to spot avian varieties like kookaburras, galahs, rainbow lorikeets and blue mountain parrots.


Fishing at Keswick Island

Visitors to the Mackay area who enjoy fishing can take the opportunity to go fishing at Keswick Island, a locality that is renowned for this pastime. You will have the chance to indulge in both reef fishing and deep sea fishing in the waters in proximity to this island. You will find that the adjacent coral reefs, protected waters and mangrove areas cause a diverse selection of fish to congregate here. There is no doubt that Keswick Island will be a rewarding environment for the ardent fisher. You will also be able to avail yourself of necessary equipment and provisions here.


Visiting Bundoora Dam

The picturesque Bundoora Dam should be on the itinerary of leisure seekers visiting the Mackay region. This dam is a manmade creation that has become a popular attraction for those visiting the area. The waters of Bundoora Dam are considered to be an excellent location for pursuits like swimming and waterskiing. You will also find sandy stretches of shoreline that are pleasant places for relaxing and spending leisure time. Fishing is also a popular activity here as the waters contain fish like golden perch, saratoga, sleepy cod, eel-tail catfish, redclaw crayfish and spangled perch. A choice of accommodation to consider from which this attraction would be within easy reach would be Oaks Middlemount which is one of the pleasingly located Middlemount service apartments in the region.


Experiencing the views from Lamberts Lookout

This well-known vantage point situated looking over Lamberts beach, Slade Point and the Cumberland Islands provides spectacular views across the surrounding areas, with the stunning sunsets being a highlight. This lookout point is, in addition, a popular observation platform for viewing whales as they pass by on their migratory routes; you will have the opportunity to observe whales frolicking and breaching in the nearby waters. This location will also be a great place for a relaxed picnic or barbeque as you will find suitable facilities at this entrancing attraction in the Mackay region.

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