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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
Headline for How to prevent eye irritation caused by Air pollution? - The know-hows of eye irritation
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How to prevent eye irritation caused by Air pollution? - The know-hows of eye irritation

Your eyes are generally sensitive and if exposed to certain air pollutants it can get irritated. These irritants are usually nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide released from automobiles. But it isn't restricted to only these air pollutants. There are several other pollutants that can cause severe irritation of the eyes. This includes arsenic, dioxin, benzene, lead and asbestos. When exposed to such irritants you can experience itchiness, dryness, burning, watery eyes and redness. Here is a list of things you can do to help with this type of eye irritation that arises due to air pollution.


Staying Indoors when pollution is high

The best way to protect yourself when the pollution level is high outside, is to refrain from going out at these times. Or reduce the time you stay outside. People who reside in the city, experience eye irritation due to the levels of smoke particles and fog in the air. Going to a good eye clinic to get your irritation checked and under control, is a good way to start your battle against eye irritation. If you're looking for opticians in Sri Lanka to get your eyes checked, then you can check out Vision Care Optical Services.



However, not many of us, can sit at home to protect our eyes while there are so many day to day errands to run. If this is the case, and you must step out, then make sure to know these precautions. These include wearing your sunglasses when going out, washing hands thoroughly, checking on smog levels, and eating a healthy diet containing Omega 3 fatty acid. Also, make sure you're hydrated and apply lubricating eye drops when required. If you're smoker, you should know these can irritate your eyes by making it dehydrated. You can invest in a air filter to keep away the air pollutants in your house.


Contact Lenses

If you use contact lenses, then make sure to follow these steps to avoid eye irritation. Use eye drops when needed and make sure to be thorough when disinfecting your lenses. If you somehow manage to get your eyes infected when you're wearing your contact lenses, then make sure to remove the lenses promptly after cleaning and washing your hands. Then gently rinse them, and store them in the solution provided.



It's always helpful to know how to handle and treat your irritated eyes as advised by health care professionals. In case of a mild irritation, the recommended treatment is usually to use artificial tears. This helps to keep the eyes hydrated. However, in severe cases, you might have to visit an ophthalmologist who will recommend some ointments and prescribe drugs that is fit to treat your condition. There are instances, where a healthcare professional insert a plug, either permanently or temporality. This will help retain moisture and the tears won't drain away fast. In severe cases, a tear duct surgery or a surgery to help with tear drainage may be required.