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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
Headline for The Top Reasons and Convenience of Living at a First Floor Apartment – Yes, It is Better!
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The Top Reasons and Convenience of Living at a First Floor Apartment – Yes, It is Better!

Despite the popular concept of choosing apartments on the upper levels of a complex, a ground floor apartment will prove to be very convenient. And if you are in the market for an apartment in Colombo, do read on for some tips on why you should consider living on the first floor.


Moving In is a Breeze

Choosing to buy an apartment within Colombo city is a good move, and with plenty of high-standard apartments for sale in Sri Lanka, one is blessed with choice, hence, finding a first floor apartment is easy. Moving into a new home is exciting, and only marred by the fact that you have to lug around all that heavy furniture and boxes of your belongings. Not so with a ground floor apartment offering easy access and convenience of avoiding cramped elevators.


Coming and Going is Much Easier

Choosing to buy an apartment at TRI-ZEN or similar city properties will put you within easy access to Colombo's top schools, stores and commercial hubs. While this convenience is invaluable for today's rushed lifestyles, having to wait for elevators or climbing down long flights of stairs can be a hassle. A first floor apartment will not only eliminate all that but helps you avoid shared hallways and also bumping into nosy neighbours if you are the kind of person who values a bit of privacy.


Stay Cool

A basic factor we learn at science class is that heat rises, and being located on higher floors means you are given a good dose of summer heat. Save on those electricity bills by keeping the air-conditioners off while enjoying a cooler environ from the comforts of your ground floor apartment.


Costs are Lower

With the popular option being apartments located on higher floors, due to security reasons etc. the demand for ground floor dwellings are less; hence prices too, for first floor dwellings, are much lower compared to renting out or buying residences located on the higher floors. Of course, this higher price does reward you with stunning views and a sense of safety being way up there. But if budget is an important factor, a ground floor apartment will be beneficial.


They Come with More Amenities

Apartment managers will make sure the ground floor residences are better fitted with slightly more amenities, in order to make them more enticing. Look out for these special features when browsing for an apartment in Colombo and you will be able to identify the differences.


There Are No Neighbours Living Below You

That's right folks, there are no ground floor neighbours living under you when you choose the first floor. Hence, there will be no discussions of all that noise you were making above them! On the ground floor, you don't have to worry about walking about in shoes, dogs or your little kids running about, moving furniture or dropping things on the floor. Tiresome things especially if you have hardwood floors.