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Female Urination Device


Woman, now Stand and Pee

Woman, now Stand and Pee

No more urinal infections now! Yes, you heard it correct. There will be no more urinal infections now as women can have a healthy and better living. Women can now stand and pee. We all know how many dirty toilets we encounter while we travel, which ultimately leads to hygiene problems. We even try holding or controlling the pee if we do not find a clean washroom.

It is even worse for a pregnant woman to sit and pee during her course term. It is so painful to pee if you come across any messed-up toilet. Fact says every woman once in a lifetime encounters UTI problem. Now we have a solution to all these problems.

Sanfe, It brings us a woman pee standing up a device that helps you in urinating while standing. It is a great initiative taken as bringing in consideration of ladies’ health and hygiene. It is a skin-friendly product and can be used during menstruation as well. 'Stand and Pee' is a biodegradable product and gives you the freedom to urinate being infection free. We all ladies look for clean toilets wherever we go as we naturally need to sit and pee.

However, ladies pee standing up device gives us the freedom to pee anywhere by standing. No more dirty toilets now. It allows you to urinate hygienically and discreetly maintaining your self-esteem without dripping off in pants. It is comfortable and convenient to use. You stand and open the packet, then place the product, pee and throw it away. It is a use and throw product hence, does not require any wiping. You can use it once and throw after use. If you carry this female urination device with you, then you do not need to be bothered about your hygiene.

It is a uniquely designed funnel and helps women dealing with knee problems as well such as arthritis. It allows them to pee without giving pressure on their knees and making it a painless experience. Thousands of women have started using the same, and it is now high time for you to start using this ladies pee standing up device and let the world know that no more dirty toilets and no more infections now.


Need of New Devices for Making the Urination Needs of Women Safer in Public

Need of New Devices for Making the Urination Needs of Women Safer in Public

Are women urinating at public places are really safe? This is the question which rules my mind each time is see ladies using public toilets or lonely places. What if a lady does not find any toilet an in an urgency holds it within and goes to some aloof place to urinate and encounters people looking at her weirdly. Isn’t her privacy and self-esteemed is harmed? These all worries arouse a need of a device that makes the urinating needs of women safe in public. Sanfe has designed a product as ‘Stand and Pee’.

The name itself expresses its usage. Yes, females can now stand and pee without hesitation, maintaining their safety as well. It helps you maintain your personal hygiene as well and keeping yourself healthy and fit. It helps us to stay away and protected from diseases. As a disciple it should be taken care by everyone. We are always surrounded by harmful germs and diseases everywhere around us which we cannot see, however, can result with dangerous infections. Shabby appearances and odors do not let you stay with confidence. This female pee device is helps you maintain cleanliness and takes care of intimate hygiene as well.

At our off ices, it is a toilet which is used by every female and when we go outside public toilets are usually in a very foul state until and unless we go to some high-profile place. We can see dirtiness around, but we have no option rather than peeing there as it is a nature’s call which can’t be held for a longer duration. To keep yourself safe, ‘Stand and Pee’ should be used mandatory anywhere you are outside your home. It will not only help you to protect your health but also gives you a comfort of not wandering in an alone place. It does not require any cleaning or wiping, one can just use it and throw away. It is catering today’s women needs and lets you stand and roam with your self-esteem.


Portable Urinary Device for Women

Portable Urinary Device for Women

Females have always wished if they could also urinate as men do. Women compete in everything in the world with men. Then why not the freedom to pee? Yes, we can even do that as well. Now you can carry your portable urinary device and make yourself comfortable wherever you go. There is a magic that lets you pee while standing. You do not need to worry about using dirty toilets and compromising with your hygiene. Now, don’t be afraid of any more urinary infects. It keeps you far away from all the hygiene problems you must have ever faced. brings you a portable device as ladies pee standing up device to let you pee freely without any worry. This device that allows you to pee while standing. Just fix it up between your legs and shoot the master. It is discreet and hygienic. It is not meant for a particular segment of females. Every woman from every age group can use it. As ladies have to go far off to pee around and to take care of their privacy, it is no more required now. You can use the thought of going pee anywhere and experience while standing as males do. This is a skin-friendly disposable female urination device that gives you the utmost comfort. It can also be used during menstruation time. They are very much pocket-friendly, comes in your budget and you can even carry them in your purse. You can use them while travelling anywhere such as trains, flights, outside areas, public toilets at stations etc. This ladies’ urinal device does not even let your pants down completely, and you can get the complete experience as men do without spotting drops here and there.

It is an anti-bacterial product and does not require any cleansing as well. Now, you do not need to hold your urine anymore while looking for public restrooms while travelling or anywhere outside. Just use the product and feel utmost satisfaction. The world is using the same, and now it is the time for you to go ahead.


Female urination device – face life on both feet

Female urination device – face life on both feet

Public toilets are very often responsible for the spread of infection. They are most times unhygienic and dirty and challenging to use for most women. The sorry state of the public toilet has a detrimental effect on female health and cause untold misery.

Maybe you prefer to cover the toilet seat with paper before you sit down. Well, you are not alone. However, it is hardly a practical solution. Toilets are full of fecal contaminants, and a thin piece of paper is barely enough to stop their invasion.

*FUD it
What is the solution? It lies in female urination device (FUD). Also known as female urination aid, it allows women to urinate while standing. Usually, they are funnels of some sort and shape which will enable women to answer the call of nature in a dignified manner and without risking herself to bacterial infections from a toilet seat. While it is somewhat unnatural for a woman to
stand up and pee like a man, it can be a lifesaver.

There are two types of ladies’ urinal device which are described below.

• Disposable female urination device is generally made of paper or cardboard they are meant to be used temporarily. Flushing some of them may be possible. If undecided about whether you want to adopt a FUD or not you can try a disposable one out first.
• Non-disposable female urination devices are made of durable plastic or latex and can be reused several times. Cleaning them with soap and water or probably even washing through a dishwasher is advised.

Take it anywhere
These devices can be perfect for outdoor vacations and activities such as hiking, camping, walking, and skiing, climbing. Probably can even be used in traffic jams and avoiding dirty public toilets. If you use one of these devices, you will also understand that there is no real advantage to being a man.

They are not most user-friendly things around. At times they may make you wet by being a little splashy. It may seem novel, and probably some think it is a gag but with little practice, they work exceptionally well.


Sanfe Aiding Sanitation Needs for Women

Sanfe Aiding Sanitation Needs for Women

Sanitation is the most crucial factor in women. This factor needs to be taken whole life and can’t be compromised at any level. Sanitation factors involve a lot of things, and one of them is the way females urinate. Here we are not talking about how do we do at our home. Of course, our toilet is the most comfortable place to pee in this whole world.

However, we are talking about peeing when we are out r travelling or at some place where there are no toilets till our far sight. What do we do in that case? We look for some secret places where nobody can see us or use dirty toilets with urine littered all around. Sanfe gives us a device that is ‘Stand and Pee’ which take care of our sanitation need. It helps us peeing while standing. We do not need to sit on dirty toilets anymore. Most of you must be having yuck feel after reading this. Means, how can females stand and pee? Yes, we can do that as well. We too can experience the leisure of pee anywhere as males do. It is a funnel-shaped device that you fix and starts peeing.

Before getting a foul feeling, think about this; When you will have this device handy with you, you do not need to sit on any dirty toilet seat or do not need to even clean the place before sitting or fight to settle down a seat projector. Not even the way we do these days of giving pressure to our thigh muscles and hover around the seat and then pee to avoid contact with dirty seat used by someone else and avoid infection. It might seem to be weird to you; however, it is accepted a lot by women these days. People travelling to far off places like this. Female pee device is easy to use and does not compromise with your privacy. You do not need to keep it in hand with you, use and throw it. It is one of the best pee funnels one can ever have.


Now Stand & Pee – Say no to Unhygienic Toilets

One of the most irritating things every woman has to deal with in their day to day lives is an unhygienic and dirty public toilet. Most of the times, frequent use of such unhygienic toilets can lead to a lot of diseases including UTI.

In order to provide the women across the country with a practical, affordable and hygiene solution when it comes to peeing, Sanfe has created female urine funnel. With the help of which, the ladies can effortlessly stand and pee when they want to avoid dirty public toilets.

Benefits of using Sanfe – Female Urination Device

With the help of Sanfe, you can get a number of benefits. Here are a few things that such female urination device does for you –

  1. You no longer have to keep holding your pee when you are on a road trip or in a place where you cannot find a suitable place to pee.

  2. Hate to use the toilet while travelling in metros, trains or while in a flight? Do not worry. Using Sanfe, now you can simply stand up and pee, without having to touch the dirty toilet seats of such restrooms.

  3. When you are pregnant, it becomes quite difficult for you to stand and pee properly. You may start getting cramps or back pain while trying to do so. Also, frequent peeing is something you might have to deal with during pregnancy. In such cases of uneasiness, a urine device like Sanfe can help you to a great extent.

  4. Such peeing devices are easy to use, and you can carry them wherever you want to. The best part is, they are highly cost-effective and serves the purpose the best possible way.

Now you no longer have to keep worrying about your nature calls anymore. Use Sanfe, a clinically approved and tested urination device, which can help you with your peeing needs wherever you want and whenever you want. With the help of Sanfe, now you can enjoy road trips, adventures, work late in the office or travel in metros or trains without worrying too much.


Why Keeping A Portable Urination Device Is Great Idea?

As a woman, the biggest concern one has in India is to get a proper place to urinate. Let’s just face it; when it comes to proper sanitation India still has a long way to go and therefore, it is time everyone starts taking measures on his or her own.

Peeing in unhygienic places can lead to a lot of diseases including UTI problems. These issues are serious and can further lead to fatal health problems.

One of the best ways to avoid such problems is by using a portable female urination device. They are cheap, practical and can help you in various situations. Here are a few reasons why using such devices is a great idea –

1. No more use of gross restrooms
The disposable female urination device like Sanfe can help you with your urinating business anywhere. You no longer have to deal with dirty public restrooms. With the help of such a well-designed disposable device, you can simply stand and pee.

2. No more the dirty office toilet drama
Everyone knows how hard it is to deal with office toilets. For the starters, they are always dirty; and there are hundreds of people sharing the same restroom. Imagine the number of bacteria lurking around the restroom that you cannot see with your naked eyes. In such cases, a female pee device like Sanfe can help you to a great extent.

3. No more worries for the adventure lovers
If you are a woman with an adventurous soul, then the biggest problem that you probably face is “where to pee”. Especially when you are rock climbing, or you are in the middle of nowhere, you cannot simply pee standing up against the pee whenever you want. However, if you use a Sanfe, your reliable portable urination device, you can enjoy your adventure without having to worry about frequent nature calls.

*4. No more hassles *
The best part about a portable urination device like Sanfe is that it is easy to carry, easy to use and very practical. These devices are highly nifty, neat as well as discreet.
Such innovations are meant to make lives easier for everyone. If you are in a place where you cannot have the luxury of a hygiene toilet, Sanfe can really help you out.


Sanfe Helping to Secure Toiletry Needs of Women

The arising issue of these days is how to pee while you are not at home. Using public toilets seems to be unhygienic many times. You face a lot of problems when travelling or somewhere outside and suddenly you realise that you need to pee. That is the moment you start looking for a clean washroom to keep your privacy protected and even a restroom that gives you a clean environment to pee and maintains hygiene. However, many a time we are unable to look for that. We end up going somewhere far away at a lonely place sit and then pee or we use a public toilet full of foul smell.

Sanfe helps you in now overcoming these situations where you do not need to be embarrassed if you suddenly start blowing your stomach out of pee. You can also now go anywhere wherever you want to like men. Sanfe secures you with the biggest toiletry need and brings the female urination device that allows you to stand and pee without littering it anywhere. It is a funnel designed shape made up of a soft material that you place between your legs and then pee.

You do not need to sit on the toilet seat to pee using that, and you can stand far from the chair and pee as it works the same way as men do. It is just an artificial device to protect you from the infection spread using dirty toilet seats while travelling or anywhere and even gives you all the comfort while standing. It is excellent for women who are pregnant as they face a lot of problems to sit and pee during their full term on ideal Indian seats and even meet the hygiene issue on western toilets. It is a disposable material, and you do not need to keep it safe to use again. You can use and throw the same at the same time. It is even biodegradable so no harm to the environment as well. Now with Sanfe gift yourself a hygiene kit and make sure you keep it with you every time you go out.