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5 must-see places in Tunisia – Vacationing in sunny Tunisia

What inspires most of us to make Tunisia a vacation destination is the crystal blue oceans spread far and wide into the Mediterranean Sea. One can only experience the rich history and culture of Tunisia and its intriguing tales from their ancestors, only by visiting some of the most important landmarks in the country. The breathtakingly beautiful beaches, the small picturesque villages and the longstanding buildings from the past are bound to make Tunisia a memorable vacation for you. Here are 5 of the must-see places in Tunisia.


Bardo National Museum

The Bardo National Museum is the first on this list as this is an intriguing and captivating place where tourists who would generally skip museums would spend hours at. The different exhibits varying from massive mosaics to detailed paintings are a great gateway to the rich and enthralling history that is now Tunisia. Staying at_ The Residence Tunis by Cenizaro Hotels & Resorts_ gives you an added advantage to visit the museum as the hotel is located close by and will be happy to arrange a tour or a visit to the location. If you are stopping at the capital city only for a day or matter of hours, make sure you make the museum your top priority to visit.



Once, one of the most prosperous and powerful cities in the world built by the Phoenicians ruled by Dido; the queen of Carthage, is now one on of the most visited tourist attractions in Tunisia. Set on the outskirts of Tunis are the ruins of Carthage which mesmerises everyone who visits the city to see the magnificent buildings and creations done somewhere around the 9th century BC. Proud of the rich history of Carthage, most_ Tunisia resorts_ arrange tours and visits to the city where tourists can spend time and educate themselves about the history of the city and its tragic fall after a lost love.


El Djem Amphitheatre

The incredibly well preserved Roman relic of El Djem stands tall in all its glory making this a highlight of Tunisia. The arena is a very famous tourist attraction and most of the building is still intact, displaying its proud architecture and you get to walk along the steps or be seated in the arena, where you can imagine the battles that shed blood of the gladiators. You are also able to take a walk in the underground passages where the gladiators were kept, which gives you a glimpse into the life of the people from Roman times.


Sidi Bou Said

A city right out of a postcard, Sidi Bou Said is amazingly photogenic and calming. The whitewashed walls and alleyways combined with the blue doors give a truly unique identity to this beautiful village situated on a clifftop. The soothing atmosphere and the calming views of the building set with the Mediterranean Sea as the backdrop is the perfect location to relax and unwind to enjoy some quiet time for yourself or with your loved ones.


Mediterranean Beaches

These picturesque beaches were kept to last as these are what bring the tourists to cultural Tunisia. The city rich with stories from the history claims sparkling blue waters that are the perfect location to unwind after some sight-seeing in the sun. To witness and enjoy the well renowned white sands known worldwide, you could visit either Sousse or Hammamet. If you want to spend longer on the sandy beaches you can visit the Djerba Island situated in the Houmt Souk town, which is also a bountiful location with opportunities for tourists.