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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
Headline for Top 5 facts to remember before starting diving sessions – Go Diving! But first, do these.
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Top 5 facts to remember before starting diving sessions – Go Diving! But first, do these.

If you are in Sri Lanka where crystal blue seas surround the land and the warm sun is livening up your spirits you are destined to be interested in going diving. If you are a beginner or an experienced diver there are certain precautionary measures that should be followed before proceeding. Here are 5 facts to remember before your diving sessions.


Diving is a serious business.

Yes, the excitement to be able to be one with nature and see those beautiful marine animals is one thrilling experience but it is also a dangerous activity if the necessary precautions are not taken. In the destination you are at, you are bound to come across many locations and diving stations that will offer you this activity. What you need to remember especially if you are a beginner is that you need to select a diving station that is trusted, experienced, who will provide the necessary equipment and guide you through the process. Cantaloupe Aqua is a renowned hotel will be able to recommend the trustworthy people in the area if you wish to go diving while staying there.


Selecting the location

An island surrounded by the great blue sea has many different locations which are perfect to go diving in. Finding the location and finding out if the location is safe during a particular season is vital before you go diving. Depending on the different seasons which affect the tides of the ocean, certain areas are better for diving during certain months of the year. In order to get the best from this experience, it is recommended you inquire about this from your hotel. Galle Sri Lanka is best suited for diving during December to March.


Be respectful to nature

This heart throbbing experience will certainly be one of the most exciting activities you have ever done in your life. One thing you must remember is that you an outsider to this environment and this belongs to the marine life that you are now witnessing. Be respectful and enjoy nature's creations and make sure you leave it as you found it so that the rest can enjoy it too.


You don't need to have your own gear

With tourists flooding the area around the year, most locals are equipped with most of the gear that would be required for diving. Some of the locations will have certain equipment which can even be rented by professionals. For ones who own diving gear that is great on them, but you do not need to purchase the gear in order to experience this thrilling activity. Before you hire the equipment, try it on and see if you are comfortable, see if all the pieces are intact and the equipment is not broken and then you are good to go.


Balance your time

Once you get in the water and are now aware of this magical world that is hidden under the vast blue ocean, you are going to want to head back under whenever you have time. It is important to remember that you are on vacation and apart from the marine life you also get to experience everything the destination has to offer and make the most of your holiday. In order to make the best of the vacation, plan your time and arrange to make the best of diving and also the other activities and sight-seeing.