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Blogs About Chadar Trek - Indian Summits

Indian Summits is one of the best trekking companies in India. We offer affordable trekking tour packages in India at affordable price.

Chadar Trek - One of the Top Place to Trek in Himalayas

High snowy mountain peaks, good weather, local delicacies and people around you make every moment you spend almost unforgettable. There should be a balance between adventure and safety during your trek in Himalayas.

Basically, northern part of India is formed by the Himalayan ranges; this provides multiple options to those looking forward to experiencing trekking over there. Places like Garhwal, Kumaon, Ladakh, Sikkim and Himachal are some of the best known places in this region.

In Ladakh, the Zanskar mountain range also known as "The Lost Valley". Chadar Trek is one of the most challenging mountains trekking place for trekkers. Winter season stays for almost 9 months but it would be great if you make all your plans in advance.

There are few things that you should know prior to trekking Himalayas. Collect brief information about the place either from the internet or from your travel agent. It's always good to have some basic knowledge about a place where you visit it for the first time. Once you start trekking, weather condition can get really bad. Make sure you carry all the necessary things with you including sleeping bag, medical kit, light and warm clothes.

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Everest Base Camp Trek - Best Option For This Holiday

Trekking to the Everest Base Camp constitute a well known trek in the area of Everest locale. Everest base camp trek will enable people to get perspectives of the most noteworthy Himalayan pinnacle of the world. Indeed, the trek suits flawlessly for different enterprise sweethearts want to experience marvels of the snow and colorfulness of the Mother Nature. Along these lines, people won't just have the capacity to encounter trekking exercises, yet in addition encounter assorted variety. Mount Everest, famously known as the Sagarmatha is the most noteworthy mountain pinnacle of the world and it is at the stature of 8848 meters.

Alongside this, while making the most of your trek to the Everest base camp of the Mount Everest, you will likewise get the chance to experience the thick backwoods' habitats, which incorporate oak and pine timberlands, alongside astounding rhododendron blooms. Everest Base Camp Trek will advance forward with different ups and additionally downs over the thick timberlands and numerous uneven ways towards the wild and rough ways to take us near the interesting mountains. Additionally, vivid petition banners, chortens, stupas and cloisters accessible on your way will give an otherworldly touch to your trek travel.

It's Trekking Time Under The Summer Sun - Roopkund Trek

Roopkund Trek, is a trekking trail that screams the word adventure when it hits the ears of trekkers. Located in the Chamoli district of Garhwal, the region has ample opportunity for various adventure activities. It is home to beautiful ravines, serene campsites and flowing green meadows which truly describe the words adventure and nature. Glaciers and snow clad peaks are stunning sights strewn across the valley. Temperatures fluctuate heavily, not to mention the strong winds which never seize to send chills down your body. If one finds themselves ascending the peaks a few thousand feet above sea level in the Roopkund region, then gear to protect against harsh winds and cold temperatures is a must.

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Best way for planning chadar trek

This trek is considered to be the most difficult trek around the country. Thus, take this trek from moderate to the difficult one. You can plan it nicely in call out for an organized chaos for this trek. It entices the backpackers and the travelers from everywhere around the world.

This can be a 8 days long journey taking you between the snow and steep ways and routes that make you tired. A fit person can do this trek easily without worrying about their tiredness.

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Trek In India - Roopkund Trek

India has the most wonderful crown on its northern part which is the Himalayas. Himalayas, the greatest mountain series in Asia is packed with many ecstasies. Right from blizzard filled peaks to the steeper valleys and the never finish lush greeneries along the terraces complemented with the rocky paths, the Himalayas brings the best choice for a exciting visit to its vast ranges spread at different areas of India, Nepal and Bhutan and trekking could be the best part for exploring these amazements in the valleys.

The Himalayan routes are well-known for attracting a large number of trekkers. Usually trekking regions in Nepal are Annapurna, Dolpo, Langtang, Manaslu, and Mount Everest. Other well-liked trekking routes in India contain Chandra Taal, Gomukh, Hemkund, Kafni Glacier, Kangchenjunga, Kedarnath, Kedartal, Milam Glacier, Nanda Devi Sanctuary, Pindari Glacier, Richenpong, Roopkund trek, Sar Pass, Satopanth Tal, Saurkundi Pass, Singalila Ridge, and Valley of Flowers.

The Himalayas has been the best choice for trekking in India and is the neighboring part of exploring the rocky and unfamiliar ways through it. The Himalayan ranges offer different trekking routes at its different wonderful locations for a complete excited experience.

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Trekking Guide to Find Best Trekking Agency

Trekking is one of the most preferred activities for the adventure enthusiasts. It gives great adventure and great pleasure. But the interest gets doubled when you learn that you can trek the youngest and highest mountain system of world. It will be really a lifetime experience to trek the Great Himalaya. Himalaya is also called as 'abode of snow' as the mountains remain covered with the snow.

However, it is important to inform you that if you are planning to climb on high altitude, you must undertake the daring challenge under the guidance of an expert trek guide. You can easily get a guide with consultation with a trekking agency in Nepal. There are many agencies in Nepal that provide guide and trekking equipment. They guide the tourists to make the trekking tour safe and interesting. An expert guide has idea regarding dangerous trails and landslide areas. Landslide is very common in hilly and mountainous area. You must protect yourself from natural calamites like landslide, mountain storm, etc. So, you must begin your journey accompanying a trekking guide. Do not forget to carry compass, map, first-aid kit, stick and other equipment required on the trip. Do not make your bag too heavy. You have to walk long. Follow these tips and make your trekking tour to Himalaya a great experience for lifetime with Indian Summits.

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Winter Kuari Pass Trek in the Himalayas

Winter Kuari Pass trekking, among other things, is something for which we will always remain indebted to Lord Curzon. After all, he is the one who discovered, explored, and popularized this awesome Roopkund Trek in the Himalayas.

The winter trek route starts from Joshimath and goes all the way to the Kuari Pass in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. If you have been searching for the best winter trek in India, Kuari Pass Trek is the trek you must definitely consider.

A trek of more than 4000 meters, Kuari Top is a montage of beauty, greenery, and many other elements of nature. This is also the place from where you can witness some of the highest peaks of the Himalayas. These peaks are more than 7000 meters high. Some of them that you will get to behold are Trishul, Kamet, Chaukhamba, and Nanda Devi twin peaks. Then there are some other peaks, albeit not as high as those mentioned above, yet still majestic and imposing. Nanda Ghunti, Neelkanth, Mana, Changbang, and Hathi Ghoda Parbat are some of these peaks. This trek in the Himalayas also gives you the opportunity to gaze at the most incredible skyline dotted with the peaks of these mountains.

Indian Summits will help you in you trekking. Indian Summits is the most popular trekking agency in the India offers an adventure opportunity to encounter the world's highest peak, Mt. Everest and kick your feet on the huge mass of snow.It's main Trekking Package are everest base camp trek and everest three high pass trek.

Indian Summits is the best guide for trekking. There are : chadar trek, Roopkund Trek, Everest Base Camp Trek etc. For more information about treks visit here >>

All You Wanted to Know About Har Ki Dun Trekking

Har Ki Dun is one of the renowned and amazing treks situated in the Garhwal Himalayas, which is often used for the purpose of introducing newbies to the thrill of trekking. Har ki dun trek is celebrated as the most visited trails for the purpose of tasting the thrill of the Himalayas. This trek takes the trekkers to the beautiful Har Ki Doon valley which is famous for its lush greenery. This trek is enveloped by dense forest cover which offers a delightful experience to the trekkers. The mountain peak offers one of the unobstructed view of the surroundings. By undertaking the Har Ki Dun trekking, you get a glorified chance to witness an untouched Garhwal civilization and get to meet the folks belonging to this tribe.

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Indian Summits is a reputed rising adventure company and as well providing exciting various types of holiday destination.

Indian Summits is the best guide for trekking. There are : chadar trek, Roopkund Trek, Everest Base Camp Trek etc. For more information about treks visit here >>

Trekking Tours in India

India, just as it is an amalgamation of various cultures, offers a wide range of opportunity when it comes to adventure sports. Indian terrains are visited by a huge number of adventure lovers from across the globe each year. The most popular adventure activities by both national and international tourists are trekking, motorcycling, mountaineering, white water rafting, skiing, scuba diving, and paragliding. However, when it comes to adventure sports the most preferred activity among adventure enthusiasts are trekking. The country boasts of a varied geography with vast and diverse trekking trails spread across the country, providing ample opportunities to satiate your thirst for adventure.

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