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All Current Lithium Demand Projections Are Too Low - Lithium Companies | SXSTREET

Are Lithium Mining Companies ready to meet the new demand for Lithium? As the global demand for lithium soars, here are some best junior lithium companies thriving to meet the demand. Read the report to know how QMC quantum minerals corp is well-positioned.

Cobalt, Lithium and Nickel Are Booming Because of China's Insatiable Urge For Food For Electric Powered Automobiles -...

World expenses of cobalt, lithium and nickel are booming as China’s insatiable need for the battery packs used in electric cars drove up demand, recreating the economic bonanza that fuelled commodity-exporting countries a decade ago.

Kidman, SQM can may need to forfeit lithium mine after Australian gov't ruling - SXSTREET

Australia’s Kidman materials and Chilean associate SQM can also lose their appropriate to improve the Mount Holland lithium mission after a suggestion by a unit of the West Australian executive that regulates mining leases.

Bitcoin cost Awaits subsequent Move as trading latitude Narrows - SXSTREET

Bitcoin BTC is being squeezed into a tight trading latitude with neither bulls nor bears having the upper hand, and a decisive circulate either manner will probably set the tone for the subsequent style going ahead.

POSCO buys lithium mining rights in Argentina from Australia's Galaxy - SXSTREET

South Korean steelmaker POSCO has sealed a deal to buy lithium mining rights in Argentina from Galaxy supplies for $280 million, beefing up the Australian miner’s cash to dig a lithium mine on neighbouring ground.

Old mining practices make a brand new approach to recycle lithium batteries - SXSTREET

using one hundred-yr-historic minerals processing strategies, chemical engineering college students have discovered a solution to a looming twenty first-century issue: a way to economically recycle lithium ion batteries.

As No-Deal Brexit Looms, UK Blockchain Startups Are Weighing alternatives - SXSTREET

rom longer approval processes to the chance they might lose entry to the european market, it be secure to claim U.ok. blockchain startups are seeking for contingency plans.

Chinese Heavy Metal : How Beijing may spend Rare Earths to Outplay the USA - SXSTREET

because the u.s. and China originate imposing tit-for-tat tariffs upon tens of billions of dollars’ worth of traded goods, america has swept certainly one of its personal national safety vulnerabilities into the mix: rare-earth features REE. The Trump administration has brought rare earths and cobalt to its retaliatory tariff listing. REEs, as well as other essential minerals like cobalt and lithium, are crucial materials for superior clean applied sciences, mainly in the defense and clean power sectors. Why rare-earths were blanketed is unclear, however the u.s. is extremely reliant on China for these uncooked materials.

The Forgotten Mineral About to Light Up Metals Markets Around the World - SXSTREET

The proposition is simple. Short supplies mean big opportunity. And when demand keeps escalating, it means investors in the right stock can clean up.

Lithium Stock Prices Are Going Stratospheric | SXSTREET

Here are the 4 Best Lithium Stocks to buy as the lithium prices explode. Checkout the full report of how lithium prices are going stratospheric and find out best lithium stock opportunities for you.

World supply crisis looms – manganese now essential for electric vehicles and renewables! - SXSTREET

It takes thirty- to forty-times more manganese to make a lithium-ion battery than lithium itself…and as demand for manganese is swelling…investors remain fixated on lithium!

Develop Your WordPress Themes and Templates - momizat

Themes are a huge part of what makes WordPress as popular as it is, Develop Your WordPress Themes and Templates - momizat , and in this three-part series

Nova Leap consolidates its leadership position in home care services

To Improve The Deployment Of WordPress Websites As WordPress matures into a full-fledged CMS and more and more large online publishers come to rely on the p

All Current Projections for Lithium Demand Are Too Low! - SXSTREET

Navistar is building all-electric dump trucks. BYD is unleashing fleets ofnew city buses. Komatsu’s 45-ton mine hauler has already passed its test runs with flying colors. Even car demand is breaking higher than expected thanks to a new commitment at Volkswagen.

Ask an expert – six tips for saving money - SXSTREET

With tax return season upon us, now is a great time to think about stashing some extra cash in savings. Don’t have a specific savings goal? How about vacation, school, retirement or emergency fund savings?
It’s not as hard as it may seem, and it doesn’t require a major life change. According to the Dec. 2017 Money Magazine, many Americans are using these simple strategies to successfully cut expenses and meet savings goals:
1. Ditch the cable.
Millions of Americans are switching to online streaming services, and for good reason. The average cable bill last year was $103 per month (Leichtman Research Group). A similar steaming package is around $40 per month, providing quite a savings.
2. Switch cell phone plans.
The average cost for a family of four was almost $3,000 last year. A family plan could be less than half that at around $1,200. It is definitely worth investigating.
3. Switch credit cards.
Carrying a balance on a credit card? Consider switching to a card with a 0 percent balance transfer offer to save on interest while paying it off.
4. Work on personal credit.
Increasing a credit score could directly affect the rates that are offered for new credit and will save money down the road.
5. Refinance student loans.
Those with student loans will want to do some checking to see if this option can save them money. On a $90,000 parent PLUS loan with a 6.6 percent interest rate, students are paying $1,025 a month on a standard repayment plan. Refinance to a private loan at 4.5 percent and they could free up $93 a month.
6. Skip the gym.
The average monthly gym membership fee is $50. Add on specific classes, and users are paying even more. There are many fitness gurus with free videos on their YouTube channels. Stream their videos right to a smart TV, invest in some hand weights, grab a friend and follow along any time, day or night, from the comfort of home.
Once these steps have been taken to cut expenses, don’t forget to automate a savings payment. Add up the money that would have been spent and set up an automatic transfer to a savings account for that amount each month (for applicable expenses).
The process of setting a savings goal, making a plan and sticking to it doesn’t require major changes, but it does require thought and effort. Be sure to reward oneself when the savings goal has been reached!

8 Ways to Save on Summer Travel - SXSTREET

The remnants of winter are still nipping at our feet, but we’re already looking ahead to the summer—dreams of beach days and mountain hikes, backyard adventures, or exotic getaways. But peak season travel can come with a hefty price tag.
Plan Ahead
The time to book is now. Scott Keyes, founder of flight deals newsletter Scott’s Cheap Flights, recommends booking four to eight months in advance for peak travel periods like summer.
However, the key point to remember is that this booking period is exactly that—a period, and not an exact date. During these months, search for flights regularly and keep an eye on the prices. “I’d recommend people be patient during that booking period, and make sure that when you pull the trigger, you’re getting it at a good price, rather than just any old price,” Keyes said in a phone interview. When prices drop to a lot lower than usual, make your move.
To ensure you don’t miss that drop, make monitoring fares part of your regular routine. “When you sit down with your coffee in the morning, check your flights on Skyscanner or Momondo,” said Chris Oldfield, community manager for the popular budget travel blog Nomadic Matt. “Spend five minutes and check daily. No one can predict deals or price fluctuations, which means you need to be on the ball.”
In any case, resist the temptation to wait for a lucky last-minute deal. Those elusive fare drops are “a bit of a myth nowadays,” Keyes said. While deeply discounted standby fares may have been common in the past, airlines have since realized that most last-minute buyers are business travelers flying on short notice with company expenses—people who don’t mind last-minute price hikes—and have adjusted fares accordingly.
Be Flexible
Flexibility is key. “When it comes to finding the best ticket prices, you need to have a flexible destination or have flexible dates,” Oldfield said. “Without flexibility, you’re locked into the prices airlines dictate—and those are rarely favorable to your wallet!”
Keyes tells travelers to change the way they think about buying flights. Most people pick their destinations and dates first and only then start looking at prices. “What I recommend is [to] actually flip that on its head,” he said. “Instead of making a cheap flight the last priority, make it the first priority.”
Use tools like Google Flights, which provides helpful lowest-fare calendars, and Skyscanner, which has a nifty “Search Everywhere” function, to survey a variety of options.
Avoid Peak Months
Though summer is a pricey period for travel in general, you can still find cheaper times during the season. If your schedule allows, aim to travel in early June, late August, and early September for the best deals. Avoid late June through early August if you can—with schools out for summer break, demand shoots high and prices rise to meet it—as well as summer holidays. Bonus: avoiding peak months also means avoiding peak crowds.
Within the week, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest days to fly, according to an analysis of summer 2018 flights by Weekends, especially Sundays, tend to be the most expensive.
Choose a Different Destination
Instead of the old-fashioned finger and spinning globe, let low prices decide where you go.
If you need inspiration, consider Colombia, Iceland, or India—all destinations Keyes has noticed to be especially cheap lately, with round-trip flights in the $200s, $400s, and $600s, respectively. Even parts of Western Europe, including France, Spain, and Italy, have been flashing fares as low as the $400s round-trip for the summer, Keyes said.
Another option is to travel to low or shoulder season destinations, says Patti Reddi, founder of the website The Savvy Globetrotter. Think South America, Australia, or the Caribbean. Hotels and attractions are also likely to be cheaper.
Break It Up
Think beyond your airport—breaking your trip into multiple legs can be an easy way to shave off extra costs. If you’re not headed to a major metropolitan hub, try flying into a cheaper big city airport, and then hop a budget airline to your final destination. Instead of a $1,500 direct flight from New York to Santorini, for example, get to Athens for just over $400 and take a $50 budget flight from there, Keyes said.
Or, consider a bus or train ride to an airport a bit farther from your home city to take advantage of lower fares from there–the flight savings could outweigh the additional fare.
Know Your Resources
There’s a wealth of useful search tools, trackers, and newsletters on the web to make travel booking easier. Google Flights, Momondo, and Kayak are favorites—cross-check your results to make sure you get the best deal. Some sites, like Google Flights and Kayak, let you set up price drop alerts for specific trips. Or, opt for a newsletter like Scott’s Cheap Flights, which sends out email alerts when especially cheap international fares pop up.
Twitter is ideal for staying on top of limited time flight sales, said Reddi. She recommends following accounts like @TheFlightDeal, @AirFareWatchdog, and @SecretFlying. “I frequently see U.S.–Europe flights for under $500 posted on these Twitter accounts,” she said.
Try a Homestay
While a luxury hotel may be tempting, homestays or home rentals, like those offered by popular rental platform Airbnb, offer a cheaper and often more convenient and comfortable option. Opting for a homestay usually gives you more privacy than a hotel room, while also providing opportunities to build relationships with locals, dive deeper into the authentic culture, and uncover hidden gems. “Hosts usually can point their guests in the direction of off-the-map restaurants or bars or things to do that otherwise might not be clear to you as a traveler,” says Christy Nichols, founder of Venture Within, an organization that provides professional development through overseas travel.
And if your homestay comes equipped with a full kitchen, home-cooked meals are a great way to stretch your budget. Buy ingredients from the grocery store, or better yet, hit up a local market to stock up on regional goods.
Free Activities
Take advantage of free activities and events in the area. Many places offer free walking tours operating on a pay-what-you-wish basis, led by knowledgeable locals eager to show off their city. These tours are a great way to get oriented at the start of your trip, so you have a better idea of where to go next, Keyes said.
Cities also often have free event calendars put together by the local tourism office. Fill your schedule with art workshops, chef demonstrations, and live performances—all without spending an extra penny.

a new way to compare Bitcoin money to Bitcoin - SXSTREET

In Robert Heinlein’s novel.”Stranger in an odd Land,” the personality Jubal Harshaw asks considered one of his secretaries to determine the colour of a condominium within the distance. She replies, “or not it’s white on this side.”

Tesla’s Being Used to Mine Cryptocurrency

WordPress themes ,What To Consider When Choosing A WordPress Themes Put another way , Premium WordPress themes ,What To Consider When Choosing A WordPress Themes

Bitcoin Silicon Valley VCs Help Crypto Hedge Fund Reach $250 Million Target

WordPress admin bar contains useful shortcuts for logged in users of your site. You can easily disable it from your profile, or hide it for all users

3 Red Hot Stocks That Deserve Your Attention Right Now - SXSTREET

Red-hot stocks can appear quickly and go on big runs in a hurry. A lot of the time, it’s a positive earnings report that gets things started. Those good numbers cause a rapid shift in sentiment. Everyone starts buying. Then FOMO (fear of missing out) kicks in, and everyone starts buying more. The net result is a stock which soars remarkably higher in a relatively short amount of time.

Budget-Friendly Healthy Finds at Big-Box Stores - SXSTREET

You may have shied away from Costco, Sam’s Club or other warehouse stores if you are single, or shopping for a small family. If so, you could be missing out. With a wide assortment of produce, organic, and fair trade products, even singles can get bargains beyond the 36-roll toilet paper packs.
We priced out these healthy grocery items. All items were more budget-friendly at no-frills warehouse stores than at supermarkets, discount stores such as Walmart and Target, or often even Amazon. Prices will vary, so price out your favorite items, and then compare at warehouse stores, including smaller warehouse stores like ALDI.
Cottage Cheese
If you go through a typical 24-ounce cottage cheese container in three days, the warehouse-store-sized 48-ounce (or even 80-ounce) tubs are for you. We found it priced per ounce at half the cost of grocery stores.
Plain Greek Yogurt
While our favorite is the 2% version for the potential health benefits of dairy fat, you can also get 40-ounce containers of name-brand fat-free plain Greek yogurt for less than $5.00. Even if your household is small, this is a steal for something you’ll use often in smoothies and baking.
Eggs and Milk
It’s tricky to get refrigerated items at online retailers. So browsing for bargains in the refrigerated section of the store is a good idea. A pack of 36 eggs can sell for about $0.11 per egg. And remember, eggs can safely be eaten 3 weeks past their ‘sell by’ date. When milk costs only about $2.00 a gallon, it’s hard not to stock up. Milk is good 7-10 days past the expiration date if properly refrigerated.
Dried Fruit
Especially if you shop for the organic versions of dried fruits like raisins, dates, and figs, prices at warehouse stores will likely be better than you’ll find elsewhere. And while raisins may come in a four-pound box, the box usually contains two resealable packages. Plus, dried fruits are super shelf-stable
How about a 2.5-pound package of almonds for only about $12.00? Price nuts out carefully. Some nuts are less expensive at big-box stores…others, not so much. Large quantities of nuts do last well in the refrigerator or freezer.
Organic Produce
If buying organic is important to you, check out the variety of fruits and vegetables at warehouse stores. Again, compare prices. Other fun finds are new produce varieties. We’ve discovered new types of apples in warehouse stores that aren’t yet found in supermarkets. Sometimes produce companies have exclusive deals with big-box stores to test market new forms of single-serve produce packaging too.
Whole Grains
A 3-pound bag of quinoa was priced at only around $3.00 per pound. We’ve also seen budget-friendly large bags of brown rice. Stick with non-seasoned varieties for the best value.
Frozen Foods
As in the regular supermarket, good buys may be found in the freezer case. If your freezer can hold a 4-pound bag of blueberries, snatch it up at $10.00. (Or, share it with friends.) Fish can be grabbed a great cost savings; we like the high-quality of frozen fish in general with today’s flash-frozen-at-sea technologies.
Coffee and Dark Chocolate
You can find less-expensive fair-trade coffee K-cups…just be prepared to carry home a package of 100. And because warehouse stores generally carry only a few brands of most grocery items, they often have information posted (online or in in-store magazines) about why they carry certain ‘responsible’ brands of coffee, baking cocoa, and chocolate chips.
Spices in some supermarkets can be notoriously stale. But if a spice doesn’t sell well, it’s not sold in warehouse stores., so spices are generally fresh. That said, purchase only quantities of spices you will use in 6-8 months. We like to buy garlic powder, black pepper in the grinder, and dried oregano. Plan to divvy up the large 21-ounce-sized container with friends.
Coconut, Olive and Other Oils
These large jars can be a bargain, but only if you can share with neighbors. And if you pour the oil into your friends’ recycled glass jars, you’ve reduced a little packaging in the world.
Now, a few words on budgeting: avoid impulse buys. While snack mixes and granola bars may be healthy, they may also be more inexpensive shopping elsewhere — or they may not. Compare prices before purchasing, or make your own. Lastly, Costco and Sam’s Club have a yearly membership (ALDI does not.) Membership is usually around $45-60, so make sure you figure this into your budgeting. Take advantage of the free opportunity to walk around stores to compare prices before purchasing a membership.

Dow closes 115 points higher, but broader market struggles as trade war fears linger - SXSTREET

The Dow Jones industrial average rose on Thursday, but the S&P 500 and Nasdaq composite closed lower as investors assessed the possibility of a trade war.
The 30-stock index rose 115.54 points to close at 24,873.66, with UnitedHealth contributing the most to the gains. Earlier in the session, the Dow rose nearly 300 points. Boeing, which has struggled throughout the week, fell 0.1 percent in choppy trade Thursday.
“Boeing got hit three days in a row earlier in the week because people felt that was a way the Chinese and others could” retaliate, said Art Cashin, director of floor operations for UBS, on CNBC’s “Squawk Alley.”
“You’re going to get that kind of ebb and flow,” Cashin said. “I would continue to keep my eye on Boeing. I think it’s going to be the critical factor in the Dow.”
The S&P 500 fell 0.1 percent to 2,747.33, with losses in materials offsetting a 0.3 percent gain in industrials. The Nasdaq composite pulled back 0.2 percent to 7,481.74.
The White House is thinking about implementing tariffs on at least $30 billion of Chinese imports as part of a package of anti-China measures, the Wall Street Journal reported. Reuters also reported Tuesday that President Donald Trump may impose tariffs on $60 billion of Chinese goods.
Investors worry that other countries could retaliate by implementing their own tariffs on U.S.-made goods and sparking a trade war. This would hurt companies who do business overseas, especially large multinationals like Boeing.
“There are two specific reasons these fears are hitting stocks,” said Tom Essaye, founder of The Sevens Report. “First, the Trump administration is specifically targeting intellectual property theft by the Chinese government, a practice that most independent analysts admit is rampant. … By targeting IP, the administration can cast a very wide net as far as what products it can slap tariffs on.”
“Second, the law by which the Trump administration is conducting the investigation, Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974, gives the president widespread and virtually unchallenged authority to take retaliatory trade actions,” Essaye said.
Stocks were also pressured Thursday after The New York Times reported that special counsel Robert Mueller subpoenaed Trump’s businesses and the Trump Organization “in recent weeks.”
The moves Thursday come after Wall Street saw a choppy trading day on Wednesday, with the Dow Jones industrial average closing almost 250 points down. Shares of Boeing contributed the most to the losses, as concerns that a trade war could occur between the U.S. and China came to the surface.
Stocks tried to rebound after news broke that Larry Kudlow would become the next National Economic Council directors, replacing Gary Cohn, but failed to erase their losses.
Last week, Trump signed two declarations which would implement tariffs on steel and aluminum imports — both of which are expected to take effect in the coming weeks.
However, Peter Navarro, director of the White House National Trade Council, said in an interview Thursday the U.S. can institute tariffs without sparking a global trade war.
“Our allies have got to understand that we’re simply defending ourselves against what’s been an unfair relationship for many, many years,” Navarro said on “Squawk on the Street.” “This is going to work out fine. The world’s going to be a better place.”
In corporate news, Williams-Sonoma reported better-than-expected earnings and revenue for the previous quarter. The company’s stock rose 2.5 percent on the back of the news.
Walmart, meanwhile, slipped 0.2 percent amid reports that a former executive is suing the company, alleging unlawful conduct in its e-commerce business.
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Where the Next Decade of Lithium Needs to Come From - SXSTREET

To meet increasing demand from electric vehicles (EVs), the lithium industry will need a sizeable investment over the next decade. According to one of the sector’s biggest players, that investment will need to be more than $10 billion in order to meet the rising challenge of the supply gap.

Money-Saving Tips for Wedding Guests - SXSTREET

Having a wedding is expensive. But so is attending one. The average wedding guest is spending close to $900, according to the 2016 American Express Spending and Saving Tracker. That includes things like gifts of cheese plates to hotels for the big day. If it’s a destination wedding, the costs could rise so high that guests may as well go on vacation.

What to know about ALS, the disease that affected scientist Stephen Hawking - SXSTREET

One of the world’s most well-known physicists, Stephen Hawking, became famous for his efforts to explain black holes, the nature of time and the origins of the universe during his long career at Cambridge University.