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The Top 5 Things to Do in Broome – Splendid Adventures for the Active Visitor

The town of Broome offers a host of interesting attractions for the visitor. In this charming town, you will find a number of enjoyable activities to do that are sure to capture the imagination of young and old alike.

  1. Experience Horizontal Falls – The region of Kimberley in which Broome is located offers diverse landscapes for the visitor, which include various natural attractions that you will not have the opportunity to experience in other regions of Australia. One of these is Horizontal Falls which presents a magnificent sight for the visitor. This striking natural phenomenon is caused by water being pushed through a narrow opening in the gorges of the McLarty Range. This action of the waters creates the visual impression of a waterfall. You will have the opportunity to experience this natural feature from a bird's eye viewpoint from a seaplane, as well as from a jet boat excursion that is sure to be a thrilling adventure.

  2. A Sunset Camel Ride – This unique attraction in Broome will provide you with the opportunity to undertake an enjoyable camel ride along the beachfront of the popular Cable Beach. Taking one of these camel rides is sure to be a memorable experience that will appeal to the discerning sightseer. Camels are compatible with the Australian environment and taking a camel ride will enable you to gain a firsthand understanding of these desert creatures. On your camel safari, you will be accompanied by experienced guides with many years' knowledge of these intriguing animals. This entrancing experience will probably become a treasured memory of your visit to Broome.

  3. View the Sun Pictures Cinema – Broome is often blessed with delightfully pleasant weather and one of the best ways to take advantage of it would be at the open air Sun Pictures Cinema. At this al fresco cinema, you will have the opportunity to view the latest Hollywood blockbusters in a unique setting that will add to the pleasure of viewing these movies. In fact, the Sun Pictures Cinema has the distinction of being Australia's very oldest remaining outdoor cinema. You will also be able to view the various film-related memorabilia including antique projectors and other early equipment that is displayed at the cinema's entrance.

  4. Enjoy the Sunset at Cable Beach – Your trip to Broome wouldn't be complete without experiencing the fabulous sunset at Cable Beach. You will see that Cable Beach is an extensive stretch of pleasant soft sands that is lapped by clear shimmering waters. As you might expect, this is an attractive locality at which to spend leisure time but even more memorable are the spectacular sunsets that you will have the opportunity to experience here. Broome's position on Australia's west coast contributes to the stunning sunset spectacle at Cable Beach, with the sun appearing as a red sphere bathing the sky in a bright glow. A choice of accommodation to consider from which this beach would be within easy reach would be Oaks Cable Beach Sanctuary which may be considered to be one of the conveniently located Cable Beach hotels.

  5. Head out into the Kimberley wilds – Many visitors to Broome are enchanted by the magnificent geographical scenery of the Kimberley area in which the town is located. In the wilds of Kimberley, you will encounter features like impressive formations of rock, stunning gorges and distinctive landscapes that will undoubtedly make an impression on the mind of the visitor. In Broome, you will have the opportunity to obtain the services of expedition providers who will take you out into the Kimberley wilds along with experienced guides who are well-versed in the local conditions.

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