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5 experiences to have in and around Colombo – Wonder at every corner

Sri Lanka's commercial capital Colombo is a bustling city with sights, smells and activities galore. Here 5 experiences that you should try out in and around Colombo.


Take a tuk-tuk ride

Getting around Colombo can be tiring as thousands of people enter the city on a daily basis and more often than not the roads are congested with traffic. The fastest way to get around Colombo is by taking a tuk-tuk: a three-wheeled vehicle that is the most popular mode of transport that most people in Sri Lanka use. Tuk-tuks expertly navigate through the city by weaving in and out of traffic and using narrow roads in order avoid traffic and ensure you get to where you're going fast. You can find Tuk tuks anywhere in Sri Lanka by simply putting your hand out to indicate you need one. Once hired make sure your to tuk-tuk to has a meter, if not you'll have to negotiate the prices before starting the trip.


Visit the beach

Galle face green located at the heart of Colombo is a great place to fly kites, enjoy street food, go for a walk and enjoy the sunset. But if you want to really get your feet wet you won't regret taking a half an hour drive out the city to visit Mount Lavinia beach which has a stunning view of the coastline of Colombo and is a great place to sunbathe. The shores of Mount Lavinia beach are scattered with restaurants and bars that offer food and beverages, making it the ideal location to spend the day with your family.


Go Shopping

Shopaholics visiting in Colombo willed be thrilled to discover that there many malls, clothing stores, boutique shops and handicrafts shops to choose from to satisfy their shopping cravings. Most of the shopping malls have food courts where you can even grab a bite to eat or drink to relax in between a heavy day of shopping. You can find anything from branded clothing and shoes to the latest mobile phones to the latest movies as you browse through these stores. If you're looking for souvenirs and mementoes, fear not there are many local handicraft shops scattered around Colombo that sell t-shirts, wooden statues and masks manufactured in Sri Lanka that you can take back with you.


Dutch hospital

Considered to the oldest building in Colombo, the Dutch Hospital was built in 1681 as a hospital for the use of the Dutch East Indian company. Since then it has been converted into a shopping complex and dining area while still retaining its original architecture. The Dutch hospital is a common dining location for tourists who are seeking accommodation at Colombo resort and hotel properties in the Colombo Fort area similar to Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo. Bars and restaurants in the area have cultural shows, live music in the night and are overflowing with people who work in offices close to the Dutch Hospital.


Experience the Local cuisine

Sri Lanka's main meal rice, which is consumed for all three meals can be found at most restaurants, hotels and cafes. The rice is served up alongside flavourful vegetarian and meat curry dishes and is best enjoyed when you eat it using your hands. Kottu roti is another local delicacy that is made using chopped up roti, vegetables, eggs and a meat of your choice is a popular choice that is served at restaurants all over the city. Other popular dishes include string hoppers (Indiappa), Hoppers (Appa) and pittu.

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