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Headline for Top spa treatments in the Maldives – The best spa experiences the Maldives has to offer
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Top spa treatments in the Maldives – The best spa experiences the Maldives has to offer

The Maldives offers some of the most amazing spa treatments that you'll ever experience. Here are some of the top spa experiences that you should try while vacationing in the Maldives.


Signature Maldivian massage

Known locally as a Loabi massage, when translated to English means "Love" massage, is a full body massage technique created based on several Asian techniques. It helps bring about a sense of joy and restore balance by relaxing the nervous system. This massage includes an Indian head massage, singing bowls, marma point massage and back massage done using warm poultices.


Underwater spa

Made up of more than a thousand small islands that span across the Indian Ocean, the Maldives utilize both land and sea to give their guests an experience that they will cherish for the rest of their life and keep coming back for more. The underwater spas of the Maldives have walls made of clear glass that let its visitors enjoy the beautiful sea life, Flora and Fauna as they are enjoying a relaxing and massage while listening to the calming sounds of the Indian Ocean. The experience is like something right of a movie, stunning!



When translated from its Sanskrit origins, Manipura means shining and beautiful gem. Manipura refers to the third chakra; the naval or the solar plexus – the centre for sun fire and sun energy in our body that is responsible for vitality and health. Applying Himalayan salt poultices, lymphatic drainage and marma massage are used to balance and stimulate the solar vitality in our bodies.



Shiroabhyanga or champi is a popular Indian head massage technique that was invented over a thousand years ago. It is a common form of massage that is used in some of the most exclusive hotels and spas and the also at the banks of the Ganges. This traditional Indian massage method is one of the most popular massage types that the Maldives spa resorts and hotels similar to Maldives Resorts Club offer its visitors. Virgin coconut oil is mixed with herbs rich with ayurvedic properties is applied to your scalp in a circular motion to help eliminate headaches and other disorders related to the head. Once the head massage is complete the same oil is used on the shoulders to give your hair a shiny look and give you clarity of thought. Keep the oil used during the massage for 2 hours after the massage is complete, this will let you experience the full effects of this massage.


Coconut Oil Massage

The slender coconuts trees that decorate the beaches and sway from side to side in the Maldives are one the most iconic symbols that define the country which seeps into every aspect of the Maldivian culture; from Handicrafts to drinks and meals prepared using coconuts to various concoctions that are used for spa treatments. Hence getting a coconut oil massage is something you should definitely do to experience an authentic Maldivian holiday. Coconut oil works wonders on your hair and also has properties that hydrate and soothe your skin. The techniques used when applying the oil have been perfected by the Maldivians over the years, hence you can expect a calming massage that is bound to help you energise, rejuvenate and uplift your body and mind.