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Updated by Florida IP Attorney on Aug 08, 2019
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Understand The Trade Secret Protection Law

The trade secret lawyers usually work against the ongoing threats that tend to undermine a company’s competitive advantage. These legal professionals understand the trade secret protection law in their state and can guide you throughout the process.

How to perform a patent search before filing a patent application

Simply, a patent search typically is the first step in the process of seeking patent protection. A patent search helps justify a point of novelty that may be a focus of showcasing to the United States Patent & Trademark Office how your invention is unique. The search engine is a great way to perform a quick on-line search based upon a variety of topics.

What is the purpose of copyright law for Business?

The benefits and advantages of copyright are enormous for businesses, especially if the work is a critical component of the business model. Copyright law is often underutilized in the business world, especially for protecting business assets. Almost everyone knows that copyright law protects works of art, music, and film.

Understanding the Different Types of Intellectual Property Protection Rights

Intellectual property can't be protected by security services, locks or safes, as the creations are not physical objects. Because they are intangible objects, laws are the only way to protect these creations. There are different types of IP protection laws and for each type of intellectual property. Let's delve deeper and see what they are all about.

Why A Business Litigation Attorney Is Important For Businesses

Business litigation lawyers are especially important for those who are looking to sue under any circumstances, or if you’re just looking to defend yourself in a court of law. Trademark and patent owners are constantly undergoing a plethora of scrutiny, constantly being ridiculed and challenged by vicious competitors.

Why A Trade Secret Lawyer Is Necessary

Trade secret rights operate under the concept of secrecy, and the defining factors in determining this are discovered through the process of litigation. The secrets that all of these clients are trying to protect are meant to be encompassed in privacy. The information is not intended to be openly displayed for the public to witness.

Hire An Attorney To Resolve Domain Name Disputes

When a company finds that the domain name corresponding to their corporate name or product trademark is owned by someone else, the company can either choose a different name or fight to get the domain name back from its current owners.Our team of Miami trademark attorneys have extensive experience in both ACPA matters, as well as ICANN arbitration disputes.

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