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Health Tips

Excessive salt consumption affects your brain

Excessive salt consumption affects your brain, recent research studies highlight the rising concerns of high salt intake’s association with brain-related disorders.

Sleep Paralysis causes and preventions

Sleep paralysis has been associated with supernatural beings. Sleep paralysis results from the inability of movement as soon as one wakes up from a good night sleep.


9 Steps to have a Healthy Stress free Heart

9 Steps to have a Healthy Stress free Heart

A healthy diet is recommended not just for a healthy heart but also to keep in check other major diseases. Use Small plates and bowls while eating.

benefits of sunlight in weight loss

benefits of sunlight in weight loss – Researchers working on exploring the effects of sunlight on those suffering from type1 diabetes are now out with a new weight loss solution.

UTI Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary Tract Infection or UTI is the condition in which the human body tends to experience a bloody urine or a burning sensation while urination.

Cure for Sore Muscles

It’s traditional to possess sore muscles once you work out. it's traditional particularly if you probably did one thing you’re not used to, or if you suddenly kicked up your exercise intensity or increased the length of your workout.

Benefits of the Indian Ayurvedic Medicines – Health Tips

There are many banefits of Indian ayurvedic medicines like reduces stress, cleanses the body, weight loss or weight maintenance, hormonal balance, minimizes inflammation, healthy and glowing skin and many more.

Healthy Food for Adults

Nutrition is not only important for kids and adults but also for old people. It is a very important element for the older generation. Old people generally have a low appetite but lose a lot of energy for which they need proper food.

Weight Loss Tips for a Fit Life

There are many latest weight loss tips that we can easily try at home for a healthy life. Most people eat less food to lose weight. The latest weight loss tips is to slow down, and stop eating when you are 80% full.

reasons why you are catching a cold

There are nearly 200 different types and their strains of viruses that are responsible for cold. Sneeze, sore throat and running nose are significant alarming signs.

What to do when the quality of air deteriorates?

Air pollution is one of the significant contributors to rising health concerns. Although Pollution Control Board keeps issuing effective Preventions to take in case of bad air quality, it lacks community participation.

Know how to improve your brain with these methods

Healthy mind contributes to a sharp and robust memory. Ranging from new idea generation to organizing your professional routine, it is essential for you to learn how to improve your brain.