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Best UK online Bar and Catering Equipments

Ascot Wholesale is one of the best online seller of bar and catering equipment in the United Kingdom


Cocktail Shakers | Top Quality Cocktail Shaker Online At Best Price

Cocktail Shakers | Top Quality Cocktail Shaker Online At Best Price

Cocktail shaker is one of the basic bar tool designed to mix cold beverages, chill a drink faster and to dilute the drink. There are huge number of shaker in the market of different brands and sizes. One must not go with the brand, but should check the size, flexibility and ease of use according to their palm size. Ascot wholesale offers cocktail shakers of all brands and sizes in united kingdom to meet such requirements. Visit ascot wholesale website to know more.


All Brands Cafetieres made of Glass and Stainless Steel

All Brands Cafetieres made of Glass and Stainless Steel

Buy all brands cafetieres from Ascot Wholesale, which is United Kingdom's leading online catering and bar equipment sellers. The cafetieres sold by us are best in quality and are sold at affordable prices. We have all the stylish cafetieres and in all sizes that are best for your kitchen. All our cafetieres are made for the heavy usage and are also heat resistant. The cafetieres are preferred because less powdered grounds are filtered to the coffee that enhances that taste of the coffee. To checkout our inventory, check our website now!!


Stainless Steel Gastronorm Containers For Food Storage

Stainless Steel Gastronorm Containers For Food Storage

Gastronorm containers are the next generation storage equipment. They are available in variety of materials like stainless steel, clear poly carbonate, black poly carbonate, high temperature polycarbonate and more. Gastronorm containers are very reliable and easy to store. Stainless steel gastronorm can easily be found at shops where cooking and re-heating. Most of the gastronorm containers are microwave friendly. Checkout the given link for the more details.


Heavy Commercial Microwave to make Professional Cooking

Heavy Commercial Microwave to make Professional Cooking

Commercial microwaves can be considered as basic need for the commercial and professional kitchen as it enhances the cooking speed. Commercial microwaves cooks the food from inside and then from outside, whereas it is vice versa in case of home ovens. Even the built of the commercial microwaves is far more stronger than home oven and microwaves so they last longer. To know more, check the given website.


Commercial Glass Washers for Reliable Cleaning of Glasses

Glass washers has proven to be life changing machine for the restaurant and bar owners. They help to clean the glass in very short period of time and with very less efforts. They are available in different shape, size and color according to the demand of the customer. Commercial glass washers comes with 2 baskets so that next set of glasses are washed as soon as first set is done. To know more or buy the latest glass washer at affordable price, check the given website.


Commerical Soup kettles for Hot Severing

Commerical Soup kettles for Hot Severing

Soup kettles are used to keep soup or similar products warm and also used by some of the people to cook pre-heated liquid based food. The soup kettles are mostly available in two versions i.e wet well and dry well. As the name is specified, Dry well soup kettles are used for the food products that don't dryout early whereas wet well soup kettles are used for the products that dry too early. Some of the companies that manufacture soup kettles are Dualit, Sunnex, Maestrowave, Buffalo & Vollrath. All these brands are available on the Ascot Wholesale, for more information contact us now.


3 Best Tips to Buy Commercial Microwaves

3 Best Tips to Buy Commercial Microwaves

There are lots of commercial microwaves available in the market for customers. Commercial microwaves are built for speedy results, frequent use, and long-term durability for customer use. It is very important to pick the right commercial microwave that could increase efficiency in your kitchen, expand the possibilities of different types of food you can offer, and add some real convenience to your commercial kitchen, convenience store or corner cafe.

It was difficult to find the best commercial microwave for your needs as it is an important decision. We guide you to cover the main things you should consider while browsing the microwave options that help you to make the best buying decision.

Light-Duty Commercial Microwaves

It is widely used commercial microwaves that offer 1,000 watts of power. It is the more powerful than a typical residential microwave, but still puts them on the low end of the power-spectrum for commercial units.

Medium-Duty Commercial Microwaves

This commercial microwave offers 1,200-2,000 watts of power, medium-duty commercial microwaves are a step up from light-duty ones which means they’re faster, more durable, and recommend for places like 150 times a day.

Heavy-Duty Commercial Microwaves

For Commercial kitchen, a heavy-duty commercial microwave offers 2,000-3,000 watts cooks faster and greater durability.

4 Checklist for Appropriating Catering budget For an Occasion. Go through it and read more

4 Checklist for Appropriating Catering Equipment and bar supplies budget For an Occasion. Go through it and read more

Why Restaurants Must Embrace Sustainable Business Practices and How!

Catering and restaurant Equipment (such as Commercial dishwashers)are the major sustainable source for getting good ROI and restaurant reputation. Check it and read more

Buy Hoshizaki Ice Maker

Ascot Wholesale brings you a large variety of Hoshizaki Ice Machines that is more affordable and reliable for your restaurant business. For more information, please visit Ascot Wholesale Website

  • Ascot Wholesale Ltd has now become one of the fastest growing catering equipment, bar and glassware suppliers in united kingdom. From Optics to Cutlery, Glassware to Saucepans, each and every type of catering products are available at Ascot according to your need and budget. We were established in 1999 and based just outside Ascot, Berkshire, in the south west.

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