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List of 10 best things to do in South Male Atoll – Beach, Sightseeing, shopping and all things Maldivian

South Male Atoll will be significantly less busy compared to its neighbouring islands. Even though this is the situation, South Male Atoll has a lot to offer to the tourist who makes it their holiday destination because it is not only the white sandy beaches that make this island popular in all far corners of the earth. Here are 10 best things to do in South Male Atoll.


Wide-spread sandy beaches

Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, the island is the perfect location to relax and unwind to soak up the sun and let yourself enjoy the lull of the waves hitting the beach. Sitting in the shade of the palm trees, enjoying the soothing breeze on your skin with a chilling drink in your hand, is not a set-up photo shoot that you see in the brochures of any Maldives resort. This, in fact, is how you will get to unwind when you visit these calming beaches.



These sparkling blue waters hold hidden treasures wrapped underneath its hold. It is a truly magical experience to be able to become a part of the marine life and swim with the fish while enjoying this once in a lifetime opportunity. Not only does the Velassaru Maldives has a beach right at the foot of the resort perfect for snorkelling, but they also arrange boat trips further into the ocean where you can see and experience deeper waters where there are more varieties of fish and corrals.


Night Snorkelling

Expose yourself to what happens under the dark blue ocean waters as the night unfolds and the night time marine life comes alive. The rare sight of sleeping fish and the intriguing sight of the Crawfish will undoubtedly be an exciting experience to take back with you.



Surfing is not for those of you who are not willing to take a risk. This activity is bound to make you fall in love with these Maldivian waves and will keep you coming back for more. When you catch those perfect waves and glide into the ocean, the thrill you feel as the wind escapes from the side of your skin is a thrill you will always have a vivid memory of.


Watersports for the active

The soothing winds and the calming waves not only calls for relaxing beach time under the sun but also attracts the active at heart for some activity that will get your heart racing. Water skiing, wind sailing and paragliding are some of the few activities that will attract the risk takers.


Watersports for the calm

South Male Atoll does not neglect those who want to experience a relaxing and soothing holiday. They have water based activities suitable for those who wish to enjoy the sceneries at a slower pace. Catamaran sailing, Kayaking and Glass bottom kayaking are few of the options available for those who do not wish to take a big risk in the surrounding waters.


Spotting dolphins

These intelligent animals call these Indian oceans home. You are able to set sail to watch them in their natural habitat while being respectful to them and nature. You are able to experience a truly magical moment of the dancing dolphins which is not a sight you will see every day.


Spa treatments

Some of the water sports are bound to make your muscles stiff and uncomfortable and the Maldivian resorts have the perfect solution for you. The spa treatments offered at the resort hotels are the perfect way to relax and unwind after the heart throbbing activity out in the sun.


Big Game fishing

Fishing is one of the main sources of income for Maldivians and this applies to South Male Atoll as well. You can have a hands-on experience of fishing when you go aboard with the professional seamen and be a part of this activity in catching those big fish.


Night fishing

If you are a fan of fishing and you want to see how the art of fishing is practised by the professionals then this excursion is for you. They set out into the night and show you how it is done and some of the expeditions also offer a dinner with the catch of the night.

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