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Dreams Can Be Achieved - Dream Stories which inspires to follow your #dreams

Here are articles which are all about Dreams, Living Dream Life and life journey of some amazing human beings. Get inspired to follow your dreams too.


The limits of our dreams - YourDreamTale

How far can our imagination go? How much can one dream? Is there a limit to a dream? We can ask ourselves so many questions about dreams, but we might or might not have answers for each one of them. However, we can always discuss the matter using our experience and knowledge.

One Dream Leads to Another Dream - YourDreamTale

First of all, I would like to thank our each and every reader who have read and appreciated our articles. It was really a Dream Come True for us to start this amazing initiative to discuss about dreams and through this inspire others. I hope we are one right track for our goal “One Life Million Dreams” and we will be able to achieve this with your love and support. As mentioned in the title “One Dream Leads to Another Dream” you must have guessed it right.

Joy of Making Others Dream Come True - YourDreamTale

In this busy world, most of us are living our life to fulfill our dreams, our parents dreams, life goals. Many people would be part of NGOs doing some social services in their free time. But have you ever thought how it would feel to make others dream come true. I will share my experience with you so that you can know how our very little contributions can make huge impacts on life of other people.

The Untold Dreams of Our Parents - YourDreamTale

We get to know about our true dreams, life goals after a certain period of time. We start following our dreams and do all the hard-work, dedicate all our time to achieve it. Sooner or later everyone reach their destination and fulfill their dreams, ambitions.

The Reality of Dream - YourDreamTale

We dream at night, wake up in the morning and forget about our dreams. The only time we would maybe even remember them is when they are too close to our reality. Imagine dreaming about something so familiar from your daily life that even after waking up you are still confused of whether those things really happened or was it just a dream.

The Sage and the Ultimate Dream - YourDreamTale

The Sage gently strokes his beard and considers the men and women he is about to invest his own life into. A gentle light from the small fire in the fireplace highlights the whispers of gray in his hair. These men and women are coming to him in order to find purpose and meaning to their lives. Yet, he realizes that the purpose and meaning is already there, within them. It was planted by God like seeds in the garden. However, they have forgotten or were never told how to care for the soil, how to enrich their lives so that the seed could take root. He has been taught and has entered into the training developed over many years by warrior monks like him. The training is not always easy, and the results are uncertain. But what is certain is that living life on purpose adds life to life, joy to joy and lessens the sorrows of tragedy. He wonders how he will train these men and women. How many will make it even through their year with him. Haunting his thoughts are the others in years past who he failed to reach, who misunderstood his directed jabs into their hearts. How often has he failed? The number is too many to count, yet he continues to tell himself that he will not quit trying. Surrender is not part of his life story; nor anything that can gain a foothold in his character. He teaches and trains this next batch of leaders for a broken world because he doesn’t know how long he has left.

A dream is a wish your heart makes - YourDreamTale

Have you ever wished for your dreams to become true? Everyone must have wishes that except the bad dreams, nightmares. But have you imagined that the vice-versa can be happened too. Like you have many wishes in your heart depending upon your surrounding, education, relationships, Professional career, etc and you seems to having dreams related to them.

Dream of a Village Girl - YourDreamTale

Dream one of the most powerful and an utmost essential driving force without which nothing can move in our life. This journey towards Dreams, and dreamland is designed (by God) to be filled with lots of challenges and obstacle. But all these are there to test us, to be firm, to help us become, stronger and to move with more power towards our dream. Such is the story of a village girl who has many dreams to achieve in her life…and she wants to make it big, bigger huge in life. A story which depicts how the power of her dreams, helped her to cross all the obstacles, all the challenges to make her realize what she truly wanted. The DREAM ITSELF ! A dream for which she left everything, A dream which couldn’t let her sleep in night.. A DREAM which demanded more than sacrifices, more from herself to become somebody than she really wasn’t or thought she ever could be !

Experiences worse than Bad Dreams - YourDreamTale

Everyone loves to dream about happy things; but everything has good and bad side; that’s the natural law. Bad dreams occur due to many aspects of that person like:

Heartbreak : Fight Against own emotions - YourDreamTale

There is nobody in this world, who can accurately define or express the feeling of love.  But everybody at some point of life finds “Love”.  Somebody describes this as one of those unexplainable feelings that a normal human being can feel.  Or somebody says this is another expression of happiness.


Being a Parent

Being a Parent

Don't Stop Believing

Don't Stop Believing

Being content with Life

Being content with Life