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Species of fish commonly found in the Maldives – Underwater citizens of Maldives

The exotic marine life in the Maldives is undoubtedly one of the most striking attractions that have gained popularity. Apart from the blue and green ocean that surrounds these Maldives islands, tourist flood to the island to be able to go diving and experience this beautiful marine life. If you are an animal enthusiast and plan to go snorkelling to witness these stunning creations by nature, you should be prepared what to look out for. Here are 6 species of fish commonly found in the Maldives.



Starting off with one of the most colourful and attractive fish that can be spotted in the ocean, the Angelfish is also one of the most common amongst the marine life in the Maldives. These fish can be seen in abundance and their canary yellow and royal blue colours with the unique stripe-like print sets them apart from the other fish. They are harmless to fish and are not aggressive towards divers but it is always best to go diving with someone experienced. Milaidhoo Island Maldives has experienced in-house divers that can assist tourists to enjoy this thrilling task without taking any risks.



Standing out of the crowd the butterflyfish has a vibrant yellow and black colour combination on their body. Depending on the development and the type of the Butterflyfish, one can spot more black or more white and a highlight of yellow on these fish. With the ocean spread far and wide there are certain locations that most suitable for diving and most prosperous in terms of the marine life. A Maldives luxury resort is the best place to inquire about the ideal locations to go diving in order to have the best of the experience.



The clownfish is one of the most well-known fish among most people and will likely not require a detailed description in order to distinguish them from the rest of the fish. Clownfish are orange in colour and have a singular or several white stripes around their body with a thin black outline around the white stripe. They can be seen swimming in schools of fish in these shallow blue waters and can easily be spotted due to their vibrant colours.



Parrotfish are named likewise for the vibrant mix of colours that have an iridescent effect. They are beautiful to witness as they roam around freely in the shallow blue-green waters. Parrotfish play an important role in the preservation and development of the underwater marine life. They dine on coral polyps and the fish faeces create reef islands. One such example is the Vakkaru Island in the Maldives.



Strings can be seen in plenty in the Maldives. The shallow waters generally allow you to swim with stingrays but you have to be cautioned not to pose a threat to the stingrays as they have a deadly weapon which is their tail. They will attack only if they feel threatened and if the divers do not try to approach or harm them, then swimming with the stingrays will be an unforgettable memory you can take back with you from the Maldives.



White tip reef shark and the blacktip reef shark can be commonly seen in Maldives' blue waters. Divers will also come across Hammerheads and Nurse Sharks when swimming along the hidden treasures of Maldives. Unless the divers try to approach them or harm them these species are not harmful or aggressive. One thing to keep in mind is that Sharks do not have a very clear vision but have a very strong sense of smell. It is advisable not to go diving if one is wounded or carrying fish bait because the poor sense of vision in these fish might misguide them towards you.

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