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Best Snorkelling spots in Maldives – Discovering the best of underwater Maldives

The underwater world of Maldives needs no introduction for it is renowned around the world for its unparalleled beauty. If you want to snorkel through the best spots in Maldives, below is the list.



Biyadhoo is a well-known spot in the Maldives for the house reef of Biyadhoo surrounds the entire island enabling convenient access to enjoy the diverse beauty that lies underneath these waters. In fact 7 different entry passages can be found through the rich and exquisite coral stalagmites that make up this house reef. In addition to the common attractions found underneath the Maldivian waters, the site also features a number of fascinating caves that is known to be visited by nudi branches and several other unique residents of the deep.


Fihalhohi Island

This is another popular island among snorkelers as the finest spots for snorkelling are all located in close proximity to the shore, making the Fihalhohi's house reef very easy to find. The best part about this place is its depth which is a bigger crowd puller than the coral collection. If you like some underwater thrill, Fihalhohi might just be your favourite place to snorkel since it is known to be frequented by eels, sharks, and rays.



It may be known better for its diving appeal this particular spot but it is nevertheless a great place for some snorkelling as well. Flaunting some amazing drop offs, there is a rich house reef within the area as well. The house reefs can be accessed from 7 different entry points which is located right around the lagoon. Adorned with 2 sunken ships, this is one exciting snorkelling site in the Maldives.



Considered as one of the best snorkelling site in the Maldives, Kandholhu is a great place to explore if you are looking for underwater diversity. Untouched by the storms of time, Kondholhu to this day remains intact and is known for the large and vibrantly coloured corals that have for centuries adorned these reefs. In addition to the profusion of beautiful colours, plenty of soldierfish, groupers and oriental sweet lips are found amidst these magnificent corals which combined is a treat for sore eyes.



For those of you reluctant to swim too deep into sea, Vilamendhoo has a house reef just by the side of the shore. However, currents are known to be strong along the reef -especially on the north of the island so caution must be exercised before swimming over to the house reef. The location is also best accessed without the foot flippers.



If you are looking for a Maldives resort that is located in close proximity to some of the best sites for snorkelling why not stay at the Maafushivaru Maldives. Surrounding this island is crystal clear waters where activities like snorkelling are a treat to say the least.

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